Greetings Friends 4 Life,

Morning vigil weather at Louetta was a comfortable 72 degrees and a little breezy. There were already eight client cars parked in front of PP when Joyce and I arrived, and we noticed, for the third Saturday in a row, that PP had unlocked their doors before their posted 8:00 AM opening time. Opening early is a definite break from routine, which has always been to open no earlier than 8:00am. Many times they have opened late to impatient and irritated clients. Perhaps this is a new emphasis on timely opening or new management? Ronald, the PP escort volunteer, was there again too, which may be another indicator of new practice or new management at the Louetta location.

Defund Planned Parenthood National Rally

We put out “Defund Planned Parenthood” signs facing traffic in both directions, to join the national rally of 218 cities in 45 states in the galvanizing action across the country Saturday that called for defunding Planned Parenthood. We were not sure what to expect of the public reaction to our defund signs, but I’m happy to report that many more gave honks of approval and thumbs up than were the negative reactions from passing traffic.

Johnny joined us in prayer and our presence on that grass strip was unmistakably that of peace and God’s love. I am so glad we were called to be there this Saturday morning, because the client activity level was higher than usual, estimated at 15-17 within the first hour. There wasn’t much come and go traffic the first hour. It seemed that most who had appointments were still there even at our 9:30 relief by our faithful friends from St. Edward and Christ the Good Shepherd. One young lady, who parked near us, accepted one of our gift bags of alternatives to PP. She was gracious and receptive to our purpose.

Defund Planned Parenthood Rally
Joe Honors His Mother’s Passing with Faithful Attendance at Prayer Vigil

Although on my mind to share a personal message in these vigil notes, I didn’t actually decide to do that until this very moment. This vigil morning was a very special one for me. I hadn’t slept much the night before because I received news that my mother had gone on to Heaven during the late evening. She had not been ill, and the news came suddenly. I spent most of the night grieving about her departure and already missing her. She lived in another state, and I didn’t get to see her frequently, but was always comforted to know that either of us needed only to pick up the phone.

That would be no more. I was very strongly compelled to get up early and go to vigil, because I felt she would rather I pray for life than to grieve her death.

It was when standing in prayer between Joyce and Johnny that I was given a brief glimpse of Jesus’ promise to return for His followers. While silently praying with closed eyes for His protection of the unborn babies, a different awareness happened. I briefly envisioned the image of Jesus so gently pick my mom up and carry her away.

I knew instantly that she did not make that journey alone. He had specifically returned especially for her, as He promised years ago, when she asked Him to be her Lord and Savior…and He allowed me to see. I was so moved that I wanted to tell Joyce and Johnny what had just happened, but my throat was closing and I was afraid I wouldn’t be coherent. So I quickly sealed the moment in my heart.

My heart is at peace now, and I believe I should share that very special experience. I clearly understand now why I felt so pushed about going to pray for Life this morning! God Bless!

Joe W.


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