Pro-Life Billboard Sparks Conversations About Life ~ Front Page of Conroe Courier

07 Feb

We are pleased to announce that the Conroe Courier featured an article about our Pro-Life billboard campaign on the front page today! Thank you to everyone who made this possible! The article was excellent!

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New pro-life campaign in Montgomery County sparks conversation

Published 8:45 pm, Monday, February 6, 2017
Vehicles drive past a pro-life billboard from Montgomery County Right to Life on Highway 105 headed east Thursday, Feb. 2, 2017, in Conroe. Photo: Jason Fochtman, Staff Photographer / © 2017 Houston Chronicle

Photo: Jason Fochtman, Staff Photographer

A new billboard campaign in Montgomery County is bringing attention to the pro-life movement.

The Montgomery County Right to Life organization launched the campaign about two weeks ago in hopes of sparking conversation among those who see it about their views on the “sanctity of life,” organizers said. The billboard, located on Texas 105 West near Old Highway 105 in Conroe, depicts a young girl from the area who has Down syndrome, a young couple with an ultrasound photo and an elderly woman under the words “Every life … Priceless.”

With Montgomery County being a hub of conservatisms, there might not be too many people whose values differ from the pro-lifers. But MCRTL Director Teresa Strack said the billboard aims to create a dialogue for not only those in the county, but others as well.

“Our community is staunchly pro-life,” Strack said. “Our community members have friends outside our community; and the more they’re thinking about why they believe life should be valuable, they’re better equipped to have those conversations with other people who maybe aren’t necessarily quite as convinced.”

U.S. Rep. Kevin Brady, R-The Woodlands, helped spearhead the funding of the billboard campaign, Strack said. While Brady could not be reached for comment Monday while in Washington, D.C., he said in a statement he fully supports the campaign.

“Montgomery County Right to Life’s billboard campaign makes a powerful pro-life message with great beauty and dignity,” Brady stated. “All children are gifts from God and should be celebrated.”

Other local elected officials threw their support behind the campaign, including:

State Sen. Robert Nichols, R-Jacksonville

State Rep. Cecil Bell, R-Magnolia

State Rep. Mark Keough, R-The Woodlands

State Rep. Will Metcalf, R-Conroe

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Many thanks again to our billboard donors and to Congressman Kevin Brady for spearheading the initial fundraising effort.
If you would like to be part of the billboard campaign or MCRTL’s other ministry efforts, please donate via the link below. Thank you for your partnership!