When Planned Parenthood – Louetta opened in April 2013 right in a family neighborhood in Spring they probably weren’t planning on company every week. However like Montgomery County Right to Life, Christ the Good Shepherd and St. Edward Church, heard about PP’s plans and had already scheduled prayer for the location before PP even opened their doors! Now that’s dedication!

There are several churches who not only adopt a day to pray during 40 Days for Life each spring and fall, but also come each and every week, and some times twice a week to pray at the Louetta Rd. Planned Parenthood!

It is because of faithful folks like these, who have stood up in defense of the Lord’s precious unborn children, that many hearts and lives have been touched.

We know that when the doors close on PP – Louetta, it will be through the power of our Heavenly Father, in response to the faithful prayers of folks like those at Christ the Good Shepherd and St. Edward.

Christ the Good Shepherd adopted October 29th for 40 Days and St. Edward adopted October 22nd.

We are so grateful to the churches who have made prayer for these precious children, their parents, and the workers at PP their focus through every kind of weather every week of the year! If your church or group would like to be part of this ministry by adopting an hour or so every week, just drop us a line. We’d like to add your name to our Weekly Prayer Vigil page.   Our goal is to have ongoing prayer every minute that Planned Parenthood – Louetta is open.  Just think what a difference that would make!

Thank you for your faithful prayers.

Donna Rodgers

Donna Rodgers


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