Greetings Friends 4 Life,

Frigid Morning at Vigil!

It was a frigid morning at vigil yesterday(January 7)! My truck’s outside thermometer registered 21F when I arrived, and I noticed the water puddles from the previous day’s showers were frozen. It was a little breezy to further enhance the briskness, but thankfully it was not the typical Louetta Road wind tunnel.

I had checked the forecast, so I was warmly dressed in layered clothing and good boots and gloves. I was excited to see how God might use my show up to His call this morning!

Clients Return Warm Smiles and Friendly Waves

By opening time six cars were already lined up and waiting, and the new PP Escort guard had arrived for duty. After back-to-back long weekends shut down for Christmas and New Years, it appeared business was going to be as brisk as the weather. I counted at least fifteen clients during my watch and likely missed some while praying. I noticed that three of the clients were young men who each came alone.

I think it was too cold for folks to tarry, so no one approached the grass strip, but several clients returned warm smiles and friendly waves as they came and went.

By about 9:00 it was pretty obvious the Escort was freezing and he took cover inside to warm up.

Couple Parked But Didn’t Go In – Showered in Prayers!

A young couple parked nearby and returned friendly greeting waves, but they didn’t go inside. They stayed in their running car and were in conversation as if trying to decide something. They had been there 15-20 minutes by the time our friends from Christ the Good Shepherd and St. Edward showed up.

We all offered prayer for this young couple, that their hearts would be touched by God and they would make the right decisions. They were still there when I left my post, and I was sure they would continue to be showered with prayers from our vigil friends.

I hope these brief notes help share just a little about the on-site experiences at vigil yesterday morning. My heartfelt thanks to all who joined me in prayer from wherever you were. It was both a blessing and privilege to serve!

God’s Blessings!
Joe W.