Greetings Friends 4 Life! 

Texas Winter Makes Prayer Vigil a Joy!

As you are all well aware, our Texas winter weather can be amazingly changeable!    How about this one for a turnabout?!     Last Saturday morning, Joyce and I shivered in the wind at 36 degrees as we stood vigil on that grass strip in front of Planned Parenthood.   This Saturday morning, only a week later, we stood at prayer in that very same spot wearing short sleeved shirts at 73 degrees and a wind off the Gulf that would be the joy of many a sailor.   Gotta love these Texas winters!!

Attendance Up This Saturday over Last Week

The Louetta PP had their new escort volunteer back this morning.   He was standing at ready before opening, before the first client arrived.   We waved and bid him “Good Morning”, but he held his stoic position without showing much evidence of acknowledgement.    Three clients gathered at the front door by opening time, and it appeared for awhile that PP was going to have a slow day.    It was encouraging to see their low turnout in the beginning, but by the first hour business had picked up to a lively pace.   I estimated about 16-18 clients during our watch, as compared with 10 last week.

Joe has Beneficial Conversation with New PP Volunteer Escort

Thought I would mention that I met Ronald, their new PP Volunteer Escort.    As we prepared to leave vigil, I walked over to him and introduced myself.    Told him that I wanted to wish him a “Merry Christmas” in case I don’t see him there next week.

While I had his attention, I assured him we were there in peace, that we never judge or condemn the girls and we don’t cause trouble – we only want to pray for them and offer them alternatives to abortion.   I told Ronald that we prayed for him as well this morning.    He said he could see after a couple Saturdays with us that I was telling him true.

Young Father Brings Sons to Planned Parenthood

We watched a young dad and his two little sons pile out of their car between PP and the bank.   The youngest was allowed to climb out of his car seat that was hooked up in the back and laboriously made his way down to the car floorboard, then finally out onto the parking lot.    That process  took awhile with his short little legs, but dad was totally patient and watchful as little son “did it all by himself!”.    Joyce and I were both quite amused to watch that cute little “training session” unfold in front of us.    Then for the shocker!     We expected dad was going to take his little sons into the bank with him, but he took them into Planned Parenthood instead!    Once that surprise was realized as what had actually happened, I reconciled in my own mind that God was again sending His most effective messengers into the midst of that busy waiting room.    No one in there could watch those lively little boys and not know they were witnessing Life that was born to be loved.

Angela Introduces Us to the Son She Chose Not to Abort!

Then came God’s special reward of the entire morning!    Angela, the mom we talked to last week who changed her mind about abortion when she saw prayer warriors standing outside the abortion clinic, drove by and stopped in front of us.   

She had her son Devon with her and shouted “this is the son I told you about last week”!     She had stopped to show us her pride and joy in person!!!     Both were beaming with such joy they looked absolutely radiant!    Our morning was so lifted, so blessed by that gift!!!

Many Blessings to you all,

Joe W.