Greetings Friends 4 Life!

Thanks for Praying!

Thank you Montgomery County Right to LifeJoyce and I took our vigil post in front of the Louetta Planned Parenthood this morning with a nippy 36 degrees showing on the thermometer and enough breeze to unfurl the flags we saw flying.   Brrrrrrrrr!!!   There were already four clients waiting for PP to open as we took our place, so it was good that we answered the call to be there.   Shortly after beginning vigil a young fellow drove along side to thank us for being there, no matter the cold.

Joyce commented that she had just been praying in thanks to our God for calling us to stand for Him today, and at the same time He sent someone to thank us for being there.   Our Lord is absolutely amazing, isn’t He?!?!

Young man joins us in prayer… without a coat!

A strong young Christian man who had stopped to visit with us a few months ago stopped by again this morning to offer encouragement and assurances.  He had just left the gym and was obviously still warm from his workout, but the thin sleeveless shirt he wore provided no protection at all in the raw wind.  But he stood with us seemingly unaffected by the cold.  By the time this young man finally took his leave and bid us goodbye, the mere sight of him in that sleeveless shirt had Joyce and I shivering.

Unusual Law Enforcement Presence

We noticed a couple of law enforcement Constable cars come out from the alley behind PP and linger quite awhile in the adjacent parking lot.  After a half hour or so I noticed them drive by, to move to another location.  The first time PP Volunteer Escort last week and today’s law enforcement presence has us wondering if recent news and political changes has PP on heightened alert.  Certainly, an hour or so of observing us in peaceful prayer will show that we pose no physical threat, but they may very well witness God’s power to change a heart!

Praying Man Prayer works at Pro-Life Vigil at Planned ParenthoodWhat We Do Works!!

A lady who introduced herself as Angela drove up and got out of her car to tell us that “WHAT WE DO WORKS”!!!   She shared her own story about becoming pregnant several years ago from a man who did not take responsibility.  Angela went to the abortion services at Red Oak Drive in Houston to terminate her pregnancy.  When she got there she saw prayer warriors outside and she knew why they were there.  Their presence changed her mind!   She did not go through with the abortion, and now has a handsome young son in high school who is the love of her life.  Angela scanned her cell phone and showed a picture of Devon to us.   She was obviously a very, very happy woman and was so excited to see us there.

  She stated several times that we do make a difference by being there!     The cold was no more!    We were warmed inside and out by the message that God sent through this woman!    “Keep standing for Life!!!”

Planned Parenthood wasn’t busy today.  I counted only about 10 clients during our watch, which is a relatively low activity morning.  Our faithful friends from St. Edward and Christ the Good Shepherd were a happy sight to see as they gathered to relieve our watch.

What a privilege it was to serve today!!!


Joe W.