Many people consider the creative act of drawing a building block of child development. We at MCRTL believe there is no better way to engage our young students in this activity than to challenge them with this theme of utmost importance, “Every Life is Beautiful!”

An impressive group of young artists participated in our Poster Contest this year, making it tough on our contest judges! Their drawings communicate the value of Life to those who see them, but also affirm that truth within the students as they draw. We think this is a win-win, no matter the outcome! After careful consideration of the many posters created by these 2nd-6th graders, we are happy to announce this year’s first place winners in each grade!

Please click on the names below to see the posters up close.

2nd Grade:  Camilla Wenske

3rd Grade:   Holton Weatherly

4th Grade:   Liberty Day

5th Grade:   Evan Petsch

6th Grade:   Emily Beier