About Us

Building a Pro-Life Culture in Montgomery County Texas


MCRTL’s primary focus is to do the tough grassroots work of ministering to individual hearts and minds in order to produce an attitude change in our society that will make abortion and euthanasia unthinkable. Just as all politics is local, all changing of the culture is local.

MCRTL’s vision is to see our nation return to one where individuals’ lives are valued and protected from conception until natural death – abortion and euthanasia are eliminated and medical rationing to the disabled or aged is ended.

MCRTL’s mission statement: To do the grassroots work of changing hearts and minds in order to build a culture which respects life.

We do this through prayer, inspiration/education, and through direct care to people making Life decisions.

We are a chapter of the largest and oldest statewide Pro-Life organization, Texas Right to Life, founded in 1973.  We are a nonprofit, nonsectarian and nonpartisan ministry.  Montgomery County Right to Life was begun by Dr. Joe Morrison in 2005 and has grown to include work in all 6 counties bordering Montgomery County.

We encourage you to participate in our many events and community outreaches.  We hope that as individuals are educated and equipped they will bring the Pro-Life message to their friends, churches, schools, youth groups, civic organizations, businesses, etc.  The best way to spread the message of Life is through relationships and word-of-mouth enthusiasm!

Join us in building a respect for life from the ground up!