Teresa Strack, Director

Each year over 900,000 babies are brutally killed via abortion.  Our nation has allowed almost 60 MILLION lives to be lost since Roe v. Wade. It is estimated further that every abortion affects 30 other people.

Also, with the spread of euthanasia and denial of medical care to the infirm and handicapped, life is under attack all along the spectrum.  With a medical emergency or accident we can in fact all be put at risk.

The issue of whether we as a nation will protect innocent human life – from conception until natural death – is THE ISSUE of our day.There is NO OTHER ISSUE where so many actual lives are at stake and where there is no second chance.

We are a chapter of the largest and oldest statewide Pro-Life organization, Texas Right to Life, founded in 1973.  We are a nonprofit, nonsectarian and nonpartisan ministry.  Montgomery County Right to Life was begun by Dr. Joe Morrison in 2005 and has grown to include work in all 6 counties bordering Montgomery County.

"Join us in building a respect for life from the ground up!"

We encourage you to participate in our many events and community outreaches.  We hope that as individuals are educated and equipped they will bring the Pro-Life message to their friends, churches, schools, youth groups, civic organizations, businesses, etc.  The best way to spread the message of Life is through relationships and word-of-mouth enthusiasm!


As a busy family man and practicing physician, Dr. Morrison had been faithfully making donations to Pro-Life ministries.  However, he then felt God’s urging that financial giving was not enough – he needed to take action!  Dr. Morrison quickly obeyed that prompting and MCRTL was launched in 2005.  The chapter began holding Pro-Life informational meetings and assisting area crisis pregnancy centers.

In 2007 the first Pro-Life student contest ( the Oratory Contest) was launched to expand MCRTL’s educational/inspirational focus.  Later Junior High and Senior High Essay Contests, Poster Contests (covering 2nd thru 6th grade), and a Video Contest were added.  MCRTL took part in the first national 40 Days for Life campaign in 2007 and is currently the campaign organizer for the Louetta Planned Parenthood location.  MCRTL has maintained a prayer presence on Saturday mornings at the Louetta PP since its opening in April 2013 and we work to encourage area churches to make a commitment to prayer/ministry there.

MCRTL began sponsoring Pro-life Scholars at Lone Star College in 2013 so as to have a strong Pro-Life voice among our area youth.  In order to further expand our work with the next generation, Young Adult Outreach was launched in September 2016.  YAO is focused on engaging Millennials in Pro-Life service projects, education, and leadership.  A very successful Pro-Life billboard campaign was begun in January 2017.

Through prayer, educational/inspirational activities, and direct ministry to hurting people, MCRTL is leading the effort in our community to build a society that values and protects each life!

To do the grassroots work of changing hearts and minds in order to build a culture which respects life.  Laws follow attitudes.  Therefore lasting change must be accomplished from the ground up via a change in our society’s attitude toward life.   Thus MCRTL is doing the essential work of changing individual hearts and minds to create a culture that values and protects life.

We envision a nation where individuals’ lives are valued and protected from conception until natural death – abortion and euthanasia are eliminated and medical rationing to the disabled or aged is ended.

  1. For the Planned Parenthood in our community (4747 Louetta) to close – by 2018
  2. For Houston to be the first major city in the nation to be abortion facility free – by 2027
  3. For the United States to outlaw abortion and protect life
  4. For euthanasia and denial of medical care to be turned back

We encourage you to participate in our many events and community outreaches.  We pursue a three-pronged approach to fulfill our mission: prayer, educational/inspirational activities, and direct ministry to people making Life decisions.

We do this through:


Year-round ministry at Louetta Planned Parenthood
40 Days for Life– sponsor kickoffs and participate in  prayer vigils


Pro-Life Billboard Ministry
Poster Contest
Essay Contest
Oratory Contest
Video Contest
Pastoral Events
Young Adult Outreach
Pro-Life information booths at community events and churches
Workshops and monthly Pro-Life educational meetings
Dr. Joseph Graham Pro-Life Fellows at Lone Star College Campuses
Fetal development seminars geared toward youth
Annual Dinner for Life

Newsletter and media relations
MCRTL website and Facebook page


Resource gift bags and prayer with clients outside of abortion facilities
Partnership with area crisis pregnancy centers
Outreach at community events
Website resources

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