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“As a matter of honor, one man owes it to another to manifest the truth.” ~ Thomas Aquinas

Dear Friends 4 Life,

Vigil weather is changing, folks!   The first hint of Fall was in the air early this morning.   The Louetta vigil strip was still wet from a fresh rain shower, and a cool brisk breeze brought with it thoughts of bringing a jacket next time.   The warming sunrise felt good!    I took my post shortly after 7:30 and was surprised to see a PP worker already inside prepping for the day.   I think this may have been the earliest I’ve seen a worker at Louetta.

The first client parked at 7:40 and I wondered if it would be a busy day, particularly since the first worker came early.   God had other plans!!

 The morning actually brought in a significant downturn of business, with only 5-6 client visits during my watch.   That ‘s only about a third of usual traffic.   I wondered if the drop in business was due to all the recent attention PP is getting from the videos exposing the selling of body parts of aborted babies?   Or perhaps the Louetta PP is being affected by the increase in vigil turn-out there?    Whatever the reason, it has been awesome to see the decline in client visits recently, and know that God’s hand is in it.

Angela & Family

Angela and her husband and their three adorable children joined me on the vigil strip for awhile.   I was imagining the view from inside PP or from traffic on the street behind us.   

The visual of their babies in that double stroller, both getting the sweet attentiveness from their older sister, was the absolute picture of God’s gift of Life!   It was a special blessing to stand with this precious family.

We were visited a few minutes by a man who crossed the parking lot from the bank.   He thanked us for being there and shared about his love for his own three children.   He blessed us and gave encouragement that our vigil presence is making a difference.

My couple of hours on the grass vigil strip flew by so quickly it was almost a surprise when our friends from the rosary group began assembling.    There were about 20 gathered for rosary by the end of my watch.   Voices for the unborn were faithful and strong!

God’s many blessings,

Joe W.