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Greetings Friends 4 Life,

Today was the first Saturday in the last three weeks that Joyce and I found Planned Parenthood open for business. We were just getting accustomed to taking our vigil stand with no activity at PP, other than the occasional clients who were either drop-ins or hadn’t been notified of closure. Last week R—- stopped by, assuming to take up his PP Escort role, so he apparently missed the closure notification too. For some reason, however, R— didn’t come in this morning.

Client activity was fairly busy today. I counted at least 20 visits during our watch, including two couples, a mom and her two little daughters, and a number of young men who came alone.

We were blessed to be joined by a couple of the prayer warriors from St. Anne, who stayed to pray with us through our watch.

A man drove along side and observed our signs and watched us pray awhile, then he parked in one of the spots next to us and got out of his vehicle to approach. I stepped over to him, not knowing quite what to expect after our recent experiences with a few people who were not happy to see us there. I held my hand out in greeting and introduced myself as he stepped onto the grass strip, and was glad to get a robust handshake in return, along with his thanks for our being there. He then moved to each one on the vigil strip to shake hands and voice his thanks for being there.

It’s amazing how just one person who sincerely validates our presence like that cancels out all those who try to make us go away through intimidation. Thanks to God for His confirmation!

Joe Wiegand

The ever faithful from St. Edwards showed up to relieve our watch as usual and we left our prayers for the unborn to be reinforced by those awesome warriors of God.

It was a privilege and blessing to serve,

Joe W.


About Our Weekly Prayer Vigil

MCRTL and other Pro-Lifers have maintained a steady prayer presence at the facility since it opened in April 2013 and we need more folks to participate. Prayer works!
MCRTL volunteer, Joe W., holds a sign every Saturday morning to let Planned Parenthood clients know about alternatives to PP. As PP clients come over to speak with our volunteers, they are provided with a Health Services List which provides information about local Pro-Life pregnancy centers, such as PACN, Birthright, Care Net, Blue Blossom and Tomball Pregnancy Center. Thus we are able to accomplish much both spiritually and naturally to minister to the women and young men.If you plan to pray at Planned Parenthood, please download and take the Health Services List with you so that you have alternatives to offer. Click here to download the MCRTL Health Services List. Read more about guidelines for praying on the boulevard here.

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