The last few years have brought exciting opportunities as God continues to expand the reach of this ministry beyond Montgomery County.  But this spring, He even broke through the boundary of prison walls by opening a door of partnership between MCRTL and hundreds of men at three prison units – Wynne, Estelle, and Darrington.  With enthusiastic commitment, these men began praying with us for an end to abortion during the spring 40 Days for Life campaign.  The men maintained the prayer vigil during the “night shift” from 7 pm – 7 am for the duration of the campaign!  Normally our 40 Days vigils are daytime from 7 am – 7 pm.  So it was wonderful to have 24/7 prayer for the first time.  Click here for more on this story.

Through identified prison leaders, the prayer connection with the men continued even after the 40 days ended.  We have been regularly providing the men with Pro-Life prayer points each week, and were able to mail Pro-Life material into Wynne at the request of the prison Pro-Life leader there.

Recently the chaplain at Wynne offered MCRTL the opportunity to use the Saturday chapel service to focus on the sanctity of Life and the upcoming 40 Days for Life fall vigil.  We gratefully accepted this offer! What a blessing it will be to meet and personally thank the men who have been praying with us and to further present a message of Life to a wider audience!

The service will be on September 7 from 1:30-3:30.  Pastor Dale Inman of Autumn Creek Baptist Church and Dr. Haywood Robinson, 40 Days for Life Director of Medical Affairs and Education, will be our featured speakers.  Pastor Dale, who also teaches business classes at various units throughout the prison system, will share about the sanctity of each life. 

Dr. Robinson and his wife, Noreen, were once both abortionists and now have wonderful stories of redemption.  Dr. Robinson will share his testimony and encourage participation in the fall 40 Days for Life vigil which begins nationwide on September 25. 

FYI, MCRTL will host our general 40 Days for Life Kickoff on Saturday, September 21, at 10:15 outside the Planned Parenthood – Spring facility (4747 Louetta). Please come join us for that one!

We trust that God has a huge blessing in store for our brothers in prison – and the 15 MCRTL team members participating!  Worship music will be led by the prison chapel choir.  It will be a glorious time of celebrating the Giver of Life as well as enlightening attendees regarding their role in protecting life.   We trust that God will use these men within their families to protect life and as they return to society – taking this message and prayer ministry with them outside the prison walls. 

We ask for your prayers for the service and this continuing outreach.  God has created a partnership for prayer to end abortion that we had never envisioned!  We know that He is currently and will in the future accomplish great things through this effort.