Category: Monthly Meetings

Montgomery County Right to Life holds periodic public meetings on the last Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Montgomery County Central Library. The address is 104 I-45 North Conroe, TX 77301.

The best way to effectively share the value of life is through relationships and word-of-mouth enthusiasm! Our monthly meetings equip and inspire us to have a well-informed, joyous answer about the sanctity of each life and why we must all work to protect everyone’s right to life.

Speakers provide information on current pro-life issues and activities. As individuals are educated and equipped they are able to bring the pro-life message to their churches, schools, youth groups, civic organizations, businesses, etc. We are changing the culture from the ground up – one conversation at a time!

Join us for the meetings and bring a friend!

“Snowflake Babies” – Care and adoption of frozen IVF embryos

Snowflakes babies is a term coined to describe the over half a million frozen embryos who are stored in cryogenic freeze at fertility clinics from IVF treatments. Currently only 1 state, Louisiana, confers personhood protection to these children. Some sources estimate…

Mark Your Calendars for Two Great Monthly Meetings!

Societal change comes one heart – one mind at a time via simple everyday conversations. That is why we must be equipped with a ready answer, spoken in love regarding the value of life and why it must be protected….