Greetings Friends 4 Life!

What a beautiful day this was to show up for vigil!   A brilliant, clear sky morning with temps beginning a teensy bit cool, but warming quickly to low 70’s.   Joyce partnered with me on the grass vigil strip and we held our stand until the faithful prayer warriors from St Edwards relieved us.   The parking lot was totally empty until just before opening when one client drove up.   There were only two more clients by 8:15 and it was beginning to look like a slow day for the Louetta Road Planned Parenthood.   Disappointingly, it was just a slow start.   By our 9:30 relief there had been 15 client visits, which seems to be about typical during our early watch.   The clients included a mom and toddler and a young couple with two lovely little children.

Watching those children skipping through the doorway always inspires a visual I get of the happy, lively little ones playing inside in the waiting area and the effect they must have on anyone considering abortion. Perfect little messengers of God, radiating with His gift of Life!

No clients parked nearby or approached us this morning, but they knew we were there.   A senior gentleman visited with us briefly, asking if we were promoting the clinic.   We quickly clarified that our presence was to oppose abortion through prayer and offer information on qualified professional health services as alternatives to Planned Parenthood.   He seem surprised (and maybe a bit skeptical) that the PP staff workers there were not medical professionals.   Perhaps he wasn’t convinced when he left us, but we gave him something to think about.

There were a couple minor distractions at vigil this morning.   Several gardeners appeared with mower, trimmers, and blowers which was not a normal Saturday morning activity there.   The young men respected our space though, and worked around us.   We were curious about their abnormal timing appearance and if their schedule change was by intent.   We also had a drive-by behind us on Louetta, of a young guy leaning out the passenger window screaming obscenities as they flew by.   I’m pretty sure it was the same car and voice that did that same thing the week before.  Joyce responded with a blessing and the young man made my prayer list again.

Thanking God for the privilege to serve Him in this awesome ministry of protecting Life.


Joe W.



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