Since the passing of the abortion law in New York in January, we have faced the cold, hard truth of how little regard many have for the lives of our most vulnerable. Thankfully, we still have citizens and lawmakers alike who are willing to stand and fight for the unborn.

But what is it like to live in a culture where the government enforces family planning policies, using abortion as the tool to do so?  What are the ramifications of limiting families to one or even two children?  For the past 40 years, the Chinese culture has been shaped by the government’s tyrannical infringement of its citizens’ rights to reproduce, resulting in the killing of at least 360 million babies through abortion.

Melodie Chandler, our July speaker, has a unique perspective to share with us. Her foundation, Journey of a Joyful Life, is a foster home in China for special needs children. Because couples are limited to one or two children, orphanages are filled with the disabled, many having been simply abandoned.

We look forward to hearing what Melodie has learned from living in the midst of this culture and why it is important for us to fight for one that values Life.  Striving to be a lighthouse in a dark place, she will share how her faith has impacted both the lives of the children and those in her community.

  • Thursday, July 25
  • 7 – 8:30 pm (Please join us at 6:30 for refreshments and fellowship)
  • Conroe Central Library 104 Interstate 45 N, Conroe, TX 77301
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