Although the Chinese government hails their One Child Policy as a success in reducing the population by 400 million, this did not come without cost of the greatest kind – the blatant taking of human life. According to an article published in The New American in 2013, 336 million abortions were performed in China during the past 40 years, and most were forced upon unmarried women and those pregnant with a second child. In addition, 196 million sterilizations were performed and 403 million women were fitted with intrauterine devices, often against their will.

Due to concerns over potential labor shortages and the inability to support an aging population, the policy was “abolished” in 2015, and modified to allow two children per family.  Sadly, this statement by Reggie Littlejohn at the Hearing Before the Congressional Executive Commission on China demonstrates why forced abortions continue vigorously under the modified policy.  Ms. Littlejohn is the founder and president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers,  an international coalition advocating for womens’ rights in China.  Under the new policy, couples are allowed two children, but in accordance with rigid rules to which they must adhere.  For instance, couples must obtain a birth permit to get pregnant, even with their first child, and wait four years before requesting a second. An unmarried woman is forbidden to bear even one child. Breaking any of these rules results in abortion and sterilization.  If a couple is found to have an “illegal” child, heavy fines that can equal 3 to 5 years of annual wages may be imposed upon the family.

In addition to the horrors of abortion and sterilization, China’s violent “Family-Planning” policy has also resulted in a great devaluation of handicapped children, as the inherent disregard for the sanctity of Life pervades the culture.  In years past, the common preference for a son to carry the family name and financially provide for his parents led to orphanages overflowing with healthy girls. Today, the devaluation of disabled children, coupled with the economic challenges many face, has led to their increased abandonment.  In fact, 98% of Chinese orphans suffer some sort of disability.

Our speaker, Melodie Chandler, is the executive director and founder of Journey of a Joyful Life, a foster home for the precious special needs children of China.  Melodie answered God’s call to bring hope to Chinese infants born with disabilities.  Not only will she provide valuable insight into the importance of standing for the sanctity of Life in public policy and popular culture but she will also share about the amazing work her foundation is doing to love, equip, and educate these special children. Amidst such sobering statistics, she and her staff “strive to be the lighthouse for our Father in a place of darkness.”

About Melodie Chandler:
Melodie felt God’s call to China when she was just 10 years old. As a young adult teaching in China, a visit to a Chinese orphanage confirmed the task God had for her: to encourage the precious special needs children of China to become all they can be through love, care, and the teaching of Christ’s redemptive work on the Cross.

  • Thursday, July 25
  • 7 – 8:30 pm (Please join us at 6:30 for refreshments and fellowship)
  • Conroe Central Library 104 Interstate 45 N, Conroe, TX 77301
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