When a doctor recommends abortion in the case of a high risk pregnancy, there is one aspect of maternal care that is often overlooked.  Too often, pressure from a medical professional and even denial of care can play into this difficult decision and leave parents feeling as if they have “no choice.”  But when the fate of the child lies in the hands of the parents, the decision to abort can be devastating and haunting for years to come.

Stephanie and Jeffrey Armstreet were thrilled to find out they were expecting after 3 years of infertility. However, Stephanie was diagnosed with a very rare prenatal complication which put both her and her baby’s life at risk.  At the time, the Armstreets were only able to find 8 similar documented cases in which the baby survived and was delivered.  Furthermore, Stephanie’s condition put her at risk of cancer.

Abortion was recommended, but in spite of the risks, it was unthinkable to these young parents.   They were simply not willing to make that decision for their child. Consequently, the Armstreets were denied care by several maternal fetal doctors. Thankfully, one Pro-Life doctor was willing to take their case.  With God’s help, their daughter Jadyn was born at 26 weeks gestation, and brought home after 82 days in NICU.

Join us for the rest of this inspiring story, that is a tribute to parents who choose Life, even while risking their own, and the doctors who are willing to take on these extremely difficult cases.   This story also reminds us to be compassionate toward all parents in these tragic circumstances, no matter what choice they ultimately make.

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