When a woman is a victim of rape, emotional healing can be a long and grueling process.  When this violent, intrusive act results in pregnancy, the stakes are high for both the mother and child.  Some believe it is barbaric to ask a woman to carry to term a child conceived by rape. Even many who consider themselves Pro-Life make an exception in the case of rape.

The brave mother who chooses Life in such a case recognizes the baby should not be judged by the actions of the rapist.  We must also defend the right to life of these precious children, while providing extraordinary support to these hurting women.

Though less than 1% of all abortions are for pregnancies resulting from rape, this pivotal argument holds great sway. When not prepared for it, we face a double-edged sword.  If we do not concede to a victim’s right to do all she can to reclaim normalcy in her life, we are perceived as callous and without compassion. If we do agree with this exception, the intrinsic value of each human life is undermined. Furthermore, to children born out of rape, we indirectly send the message that their lives are somehow less valuable and less worthy of protection.

In our effort to help both the women and the unborn, it is important to know that the facts are actually in favor of choosing life.  Statistics confirm that most rape victims do not view abortion as a solution.  Please read  Abortion Doesn’t Help Rape Victims, Say Women Who’ve Been There

Maria Smith with firstborn, Katie, and second daughter, Kristin

Our January speakers shed a bright light on this complicated subject.  At age 22 and a recent college graduate, Maria Smith was the victim of date rape which resulted in pregnancy.  Instead of a death sentence, Maria chose life for her little girl, Katie.  Though this process was difficult, the end result has been joy multiplied!  Though not formally arranged as an “open” adoption, Maria was given the opportunity to be a part of Katie’s life.

We will also hear from Maureen Hiller, Katie’s adoptive mother.  Maureen speaks on behalf of the many parents longing to adopt, who play such a crucial role as a loving solution to unplanned pregnancies.

About our speakers:

Maria Smith is the birth mother of Katie Hiller, followed by three children she raised, Kristin, Caleb, and Adam Smith. She is a Nature’s Sunshine Health Coach and a Nanny, which allows her to indulge her love of children and childrearing.

Maureen Hiller and her husband, Chris, are the loving parents of four adopted children. Prior to adopting, Maureen served as a Crisis Pregnancy Center counselor.

  • Thursday, January 31, 2019
  • 7 – 8:30 pm
  • Conroe Central Library, 104 I-45 North, Conroe, TX 77301
  • For further insight into this question, please read this article from the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform.
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