When the happiest parents-to-be hear the devastating news that their child is “incompatible with life” they are immediately faced with the unthinkable. Too often, well-meaning medical professionals, friends, and family members recommend abortion as a compassionate solution.

In such times, it takes uncompromising conviction, commitment, and faith to choose Life and believe that only God ordains our days.

Our October Monthly Meeting speakers, Jason and Tracy Ramos and Misty Phillip, have this kind of faith! Darcy Anne Ramos and Liam Benjamin Phillip were both diagnosed with Trisomy-18, a chromosomal disorder that leads to life-threatening disabilities. Fifty percent of these babies do not make it to birth or die within the first month and only five to ten percent live past their first year and often with severe disabilities.

These two families chose Life for their precious children and have no regrets! Having walked this difficult path, they testify to God’s blessings and faithfulness along the way. Their stories affirm the value and sanctity of Life, even in the direst circumstances.

About our speakers:

Jason and Tracy Ramos are the parents of eight living children. Their story has been documented in a short film called Darcy, which we will have the privilege of viewing at the Monthly Meeting. Tracy has also authored a book called Letters to Darcy. Each attendee at the meeting will receive a copy of this very intimate book, which was produced from diary entries that Tracy wrote to Darcy over the months of her pregnancy and Darcy’s brief life. 

Despite Darcy’s devastating diagnosis, Jason and Tracy trusted that God would be with them.  They chose to bring Darcy into the world and hold her as long as she lived.  Tracy says:

If I would have gotten the abortion, there still would have been pain involved in that decision.  There was pain involved in carrying her to term.  But I would have missed out on all the blessings, all of the people I met along the way, how God showered us with mercy and grace.

Because they chose Life for Darcy, the Ramos family shared 15 days with her that they will never forget.  They shared as much as they could with their precious daughter, packing into her short life many of the adventures that take place over the course of a lifetime: a manicure and pedicure, trips to the park, dances with mommy and daddy, attending a banquet, riding on her daddy’s motorcycle, going to church.  Tracy says of this time with her daughter, “It was the closest to God we have ever been.”

It is Tracy’s hope that the legacy of Darcy Anne, will continue to spread the message that children are a gift from God and that the life of the unborn is sacred and should be protected.




Misty Phillip is a wife, mother, speaker, blogger, and author.  After suffering the trauma of an abortion, she surrendered her life to Christ. Misty loves encouraging women through writing, speaking, and sharing her faith and hope in Jesus Christ. She is married to her best friend and love of her life. She and Peter have three living sons and four babies in heaven.

Misty has experienced the gamut of infertility, miscarriage, a near death experience from a cornual ectopic pregnancy, the challenges of raising a special needs child, and a stillbirth. Misty and her family became involved in the Pro-Life movement shortly after their son, Liam, was stillborn.

Misty shares that after being told the diagnosis of Trisomy-18,  “The first thing the Fetal Maternal Specialist and the genetic counselor asked us was if we would terminate the pregnancy.”   Instead, Misty states, “We began telling others that Liam was a gift from God and that God would determine his future. We knew that the Lord had a purpose and a plan for his life, no matter how long he lived.” Fully aware of the painful road ahead, they knew God was the author and finisher of life and chose to carry their son to birth.


Liam was stillborn on March 21, 2011. He was welcomed into the world by his loving family, who held him, loved him, and “then released him to Jesus.”  Liam was and is cherished.

For information about Misty’s teaching materials and ministry, please visit her website:  MistyPhillip.com.

Please don’t miss this important meeting!

  • Thursday, October 25
  • 7 – 8:30 pm
  • Conroe House of Prayer 115 W Davis St, Conroe, TX 77301



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