Greetings Friends 4 Life!

Carol was already at vigil and deep in prayer when Joyce and I arrived this morning.   It was well before Planned Parenthood’s opening time and we were excited to see her!  There was one client car waiting at 7:45 and three more had arrived by the 8:00 opening.  A couple with a tiny baby in a carrier were among the first arrivals.   God sent one of His little messengers of Life in as soon as Planned Parenthood opened their door.   (More to come in these notes about this baby’s daddy and his question about blood testing.)

More of God’s Little Angels

Soon after opening another mom with her tiny baby arrived, so then there were two of God’s little angels in Planned Parenthood’s waiting room to greet the client appointments of the day.   What an awesome message about the beauty and wonders of Life those little ones must have been to anyone’s eyes who walked through the door.   In all, there were about fourteen clients this morning, which is about average during our watch between opening and our 9:30 relief.   We had two approaches during our watch, both of whom accepted a gift bag.

Alternative Blood Testing Offered to Father

The early couple with their baby came back out after about 45 minutes and dad approached us.   He asked if we were pro-life and then said he needed to come over and thank us for being there.   He introduced himself as P– and said he had just come to Planned Parenthood to get a blood test for himself.  Joyce gave him a gift bag, which she explained contained alternative medical care information far better than what Planned Parenthood offered.   P— blessed us again for being there and thanked us for the information.   Joyce commented to the effect that if everyone found their healthcare elsewhere, Planned Parenthood would have to close.   P—- said he is never coming back to Planned Parenthood again–and he was quite sincere!

As I later mentioned to Joyce, I was very moved by this man’s visit and his sincerity.   I think those experiences are God made.   They are His affirmations to let us know we are exactly where we should be at the precise times of His calling.   It is always such an awesome privilege to serve our God on the front line as one of His defenders of Life!!!

We had a pleasant visit from E— today, one of the local resident visitors who stops by from time to time to offer encouragement.   He let us know that he always sees prayer warriors on the vigil strip and prays for us as he passes by.

Thanking God for the blessings of this day!

Joe W.

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