Early watch at the Louetta Planned Parenthood was relatively quiet this Saturday morning.   There were only about 12-15 client visits by 9:45, when we were relieved by the ever faithful prayer warriors from St. Edwards and Christ the Good Shepherd.   PP opened their door a little earlier than usual, at 7:55.

Client interaction was limited to a couple smile-and-wave exchanges, so no opportunities opened up to talk or give away gift bags.   I was joined early in my watch by Trevor and his sister, and there were 3 of us on that grass strip in prayer today.

We got yelled at a couple times from the Louetta traffic behind us, but it was otherwise an uneventful morning from hecklers.   Interestingly, one who yelled at us shouted “Get a life!”    I guess that heckler hadn’t made the connection – “Life” is exactly why we were there!!!

It was a blessing to serve!

Joe W.