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Greetings Friends 4 Life!

Joyce and I got to our vigil post about 7:45 this morning, cleaned up the windblown trash on the grass strip, and set up our stand before Planned Parenthood opened. The temperature had already reached the low 80’s and it was humid. It didn’t take long to feel the sweat beads begin running and it warmed up from there as the sun climbed into the morning sky! There were four clients waiting for the door to be unlocked and at least 20 more who came at a steady pace during our watch until 9:30. Although Escort R– missed last Saturday, he was there again today.

We were joined by prayer warriors from St. Anne about 8:30. Their group leader O– confirmed last week’s news that some folks from St. Anne are interested in standing vigil on Saturday mornings at 10:30 after the St. Edward’s vigil. I wasn’t clear if they were to begin today, but the growing presence at Louetta is beyond exciting!

Then we had a surprise visit by a small group from the Conroe Street Outreach at about 9:00. They brought with them a homeless girl about 20 weeks into her pregnancy. She sat to rest on the grass strip curbing and Joyce knelt down beside her with a gift bag. Joyce showed and explained the medical care and pregnancy assistance resources that are available at no cost in our area. It was touching to watch the young girl’s response to Joyce’s gentle kindness and motherly attention toward her.

One of the Outreach leaders commented that the young lady is currently staying in a tent on their property; so she’s not living on the street today. I didn’t learn a lot about that her status, relationships, family, etc., but my heart ached for her anyway – just knowing that she is 20 weeks along, had been living on the streets, and is now a step up from her previous situation and staying in a tent – in the heat of our Houston area summertime!

As I type these notes in the air-conditioned comfort of my dining area, I am very concerned for her and will be praying. I don’t know if it will work out given the circumstances, but I emailed information about Joy House to the Conroe Street Outreach leaders who are currently helping her stay off the streets. I will also speak with my neighbor Mark, to see what help might be available from adoption ministries in the area. Please remember this young girl and her unborn baby in your prayers tonight.

God’s blessings are limitless!

Joe W.


About Our Weekly Prayer Vigil

MCRTL and other Pro-Lifers have maintained a steady prayer presence at the facility since it opened in April 2013 and we need more folks to participate. Prayer works!
MCRTL volunteer, Joe W., holds a sign every Saturday morning to let Planned Parenthood clients know about alternatives to PP. As PP clients come over to speak with our volunteers, they are provided with a Health Services List which provides information about local Pro-Life pregnancy centers, such as PACN, Birthright, Care Net, Blue Blossom and Tomball Pregnancy Center. Thus we are able to accomplish much both spiritually and naturally to minister to the women and young men.If you plan to pray at Planned Parenthood, please download and take the Health Services List with you so that you have alternatives to offer. Click here to download the MCRTL Health Services List. Read more about guidelines for praying on the boulevard here.

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