Greetings Friends 4 Life!

The rain slows the days business

Vigil at the Louetta Planned Parenthood would be another chilly, rainy morning to stand for the unborn. There was considerable thunder during the first half hour or so, but God kept the lightning strikes at a distance. It was a relatively light morning of client activity, apparently not requiring the services of their usual PP escort. There were only two clients in the parking lot at opening time.   I counted about thirteen client visits during my vigil.

Driver loses temper and control on the road

Louetta tends to be a speedway on Saturday mornings, but this morning the rain seemed to slow most of the traffic behind me. Many times drivers will “express themselves” about our vigils by really putting the hammer down to open up their loud mufflers as they speed by mere feet away behind us. One of those “expressing himself” behind me this morning lost it on the slick street and went sideways! Very fortunate he didn’t have vehicles beside him because he could have easily caused an accident. (fortunate for me too)

Joe informs a visitor about the Pro-Life ministry

I had a walk-up visit from Mr. D, who said he drives by every Saturday, and wonders why we are there – standing out there in all kinds of weather, like the rain today. I shared with him that we are there to defend life, and the core focus of Planned Parenthood is abortion, which destroys life. I shared with D. that we stand in front of PP to pray for the babies at risk, their mom’s, families, and even PP’s workers. And we offer gift bags containing better quality and more comprehensive health care alternatives to those who come to PP for wellness checkups. Joyce joined me as I was talking with Mr. D, and she offered him a flyer with information on MCRTL and shared what we are about. I believe that young man left with some seeds that he will share with others.

Joyce shares alternative quality resources with client

Ms. A had parked nearby and crossed the parking lot to PP’s door without acknowledging we were there. But she approached us with a smile after her visit at PP, and asked us about the gift bags. Joyce shared with her about how the history of the gift bags evolved from the clients telling us they visit PP for healthcare. She shared with A. about how the bags contain info on quality healthcare alternatives as well as actual gifts. Amazingly, even though it was cold and rainy, this was a good morning to share about our Life gift bags.

Our Rosary group friends from St. Edward and Christ The Good Shepherd relieved us at their usual 9:30 vigil commitment. They are an awesome blessing, and are faithful without fail in their vigil commitment to pray for the unborn!

His Many Blessings,

Joe W.