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Greetings Friends 4 Life,

Although I didn’t notice this last week, the first thing that caught my eye this morning was the empty shell that used to be the Chase Bank branch next door to Planned Parenthood. Their sign was removed and since the blinds were open, I could see that all furnishings were gone.

As I stood there wondering if their move out decision could have been in part because of Planned Parenthood being next door, it occurred to me the empty bank space would be an awesome location for a crisis pregnancy/well woman center, especially one with Saturday and evening hours! What a great alternative that would be for the PP clients who currently visit 4747 Louetta! I wonder how we can ignite the fire to make that happen?!

PP client activity began very slowly again today. Compared to typical Saturday mornings, where up to half a dozen cars are parked and waiting for opening, the parking lot was empty this morning until 8:10 am when a couple of clients pulled up. Activity increased to a fairly brisk pace by 9:30 am. I counted about seventeen visitors, which included a couple of families with small children, three couples, and two young men who came alone. Escort R— didn’t show up today.

There were no hecklers this morning, but some very welcomed interaction of encouraging thumbs up, waves, and smiles–this from both clients and passersby.

I noticed some police cruisers patrolling this morning, but none stopped or parked to observe. It was overall, a seemingly quiet and uneventful vigil morning where our presence was recognized and acknowledged. I am so looking forward to the fall 40 Days For Life kickoff vigil this Saturday morning, September 30.  I hope to see you there!

Joe Wiegand

It was such a wonderful privilege to serve!


Joe W.



About Our Weekly Prayer Vigil

MCRTL and other Pro-Lifers have maintained a steady prayer presence at the facility since it opened in April 2013 and we need more folks to participate. Prayer works!

MCRTL volunteer, Joe W., holds a sign every Saturday morning to let Planned Parenthood clients know about alternatives to PP. As PP clients come over to speak with our volunteers, they are provided with a Health Services List which provides information about local Pro-Life pregnancy centers, such as PACN, Birthright, Care Net, Blue Blossom and Tomball Pregnancy Center. Thus we are able to accomplish much both spiritually and naturally to minister to the women and young men.

If you plan to pray at Planned Parenthood, please download and take the Health Services List with you so that you have alternatives to offer. Click here to download the MCRTL Health Services List. Read more about guidelines for praying on the boulevard here.

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