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Planned Parenthood may be deterring business

The unit next door (former bank) is still vacant. Lots of business space rental revenue has been lost so far by the many months of vacancy. I wonder if the property management folks are questioning the wisdom of renewing the Planned Parenthood lease yet? Renewal sure doesn’t seem like a good business plan if they reach the conclusion that potential new tenants are shying away from neighboring with PP!

Conversation with a young man

This Saturday was sort of a rainy, drizzly, dreary vigil morning at Louetta. It was windy and cool with forecast to get even colder as the morning progressed. Clients would be in a hurry to escape the wet wind and run from the shelter of their car to PP’s front door, so I wasn’t expecting any of them to tarry long enough to visit with. There were four clients waiting in their cars at opening time. One couple had parked near the grass vigil strip, which gave me hope of offering them a gift bag when they return to their car.

The young man of the couple who parked nearby came back to their car for a cigarette and approached me when I bid him ‘Good Morning’. I was pleasantly surprised when he stayed to chat with me awhile. We had a great talk, during which I took the opportunity to share my thoughts about why abortion is so wrong at all levels. He politely listened and was open to the input. He also accepted a gift bag and was interested to hear about the many quality healthcare alternatives to Planned Parenthood’s substandard offerings.

Joe is blessed to bring spiritual nourishment to clients

Mr. K, the Deacon from St Edwards, had arrived a little earlier than the rest of the Rosary group and listened to some of our exchange. Then the young lady came out from PP and Mr. K prayed over them both. The couple was visibly moved and touched by that prayer blessing. PP had about 16 clients during my watch this morning. Six of the ever faithful Rosary group relieved me, and I sure was ready to find some shelter. I was wet from the mist, and cold had soaked all the way through from the constant wind. As always, vigil was a truly rewarding experience, even wet & cold.

Joe Wiegand

His Many Blessings,

Joe W.




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