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Dear Reader,

If you have been keeping up with MCRTL’s articles, you’ve probably noticed that we haven’t featured an update from Joe W. for quite some time.  Joe has been absent from prayer time outside Planned Parenthood – Spring in order to care for his wife, Barbara, during her final days on Earth.  For those of you who are not aware, Joe W. has been a stalwart man of faith and passion in showing love to those who have needed it most.  Nearly every Saturday since the 2013 opening of Planned Parenthood in the heart of Spring,  Joe has been there praying, alone or with others. Through rain, wind, heat or cold, and every type of weather Texas can serve, Joe has been there to love, support, and pray for those God brings before him.

Joe’s wonderful wife, Barbara,  went on to be with the Lord on January 23 and Joe is now returning to continue pouring out the abundance of love that God has gifted him with to those outside Planned Parenthood. We want to stand with Joe in this new season of life and encourage him in his desire to share hope with those God brings across his path. Here’s to many more years of standing together for God’s love, standing for the oppressed, the forgotten, and those who have yet to come. I pray we can all be encouraged, through Joe and Barbara’s example, to continue sharing the hope that comes with the rising sun every morning, as Joe shines God’s light through the richness of his heart.

I urge you now, to come and stand with Joe every Saturday morning from 8-9:30 am outside Planned Parenthood – Spring at 4747 Louetta.  Come pray and let’s share the Love of Christ together.

2 Corinthians 4:16-18 – So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day. For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison, as we look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal

Barbara Wiegand

Greetings Friends 4 Life!

My last vigil report was 19 weeks ago, during which time your ongoing blanket of prayers covered me daily as our Lord lifted my spirit from the depths of sadness. Having gone through the experience of watching life slip away from my Barbara these last few months, I now know very intimately the preciousness of God’s gift of Life. When the Angels finally came for Barbara in the very early hours of the morning a couple weeks ago, I knew the exact moment she left me to be on her way to eternal life in Paradise. My heart hurt so badly at that moment, I thought it was being ripped from my chest. And then I realized and knew the end of Barbara’s life on this earth was a perfect timing determined only by our God, when He had her place prepared in His mansions and was ready to receive her.

When I think about the precious sanctity of this gift of Life we were each given at the moment we were conceived, it is a heinous, abhorrent, revolting thought that some feel empowered to make the ‘choice’ to destroy that gift!

The experience of my last few months with Barbara has reinforced my commitment to serve God to defend His gift of Life.

I pray that God will guide my service so that only He is seen through any good it may bring.

It was good to join Joyce on the grass vigil strip this morning. Joyce has faithfully and sacrificially held down our early Saturday morning vigil place every week that I’ve been away, many times alone, and during the coldest winter mornings. I’m glad to be back to pick up some of that commitment again. Thank you, Joyce!

I had the opportunity to chat several minutes with Mr. R, the Planned Parenthood escort. He is still firm in his belief that a woman should have the right of choice between birthing or aborting her baby. I’ll continue to pray for God to touch Mr. R’s heart in a way that breaks through that shell blocking his understanding that the baby’s right to life has precedence over the mom’s choice of convenience.

A couple of prayer warriors from St Anne joined us to pray their rosary.

This was a very busy client morning for the Louetta PP. Fourteen clients were through the door by 8:30 and were lined up inside, waiting their turn to be checked in. The client activity remained strong the whole time we were there, reaching 25-30 by the time our 9:30 relief by St Edwards arrived. It was a rainy, chilly, blustery morning and clients were in a hurry to get from their car to

Joe Wiegand

PP’s door. Only one young lady, who parked nearby, spoke a few words; acknowledging us as she got out of her car. As busy as the client activity was on such a chilly morning, we wondered if PP may have promoted a Valentine’s Day special or something that attracted so many in.

It is good to be writing to you again.


Joe W.