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You can speak effectively for the Right to Life

Pro-life voices in general and female Pro-Life voices in particular are actively attacked and suppressed by gatekeepers of public information. However Lauren Enriquez has learned to push back against the opposition – writing powerfully and in such a manner that she has been widely published even in sometimes unfriendly publications such as The New York Times.

We desperately need more people who are equipped to defend the Pro-Life position articulately and accurately.  Would you like to be one of them?

Lauren will share nuts and bolts pointers on writing and submitting Pro-Life articles.  She will speak to the issue of the suppression, talk about ways to get around the gatekeepers (using non-traditional means like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.), and instruct on how to write articles/letters to the editor that will be printed in the traditional media.  Lauren will spend some time speaking directly to the unique voice that women can have and how to amplify that voice.

About our speaker:

Lauren is the mother of three boys.  She is at the vanguard of the Pro-Life movement.  Lauren has served at Students for Life and Texas Right to Life and currently is the Public Relations manager at Human Coalition.  Lauren is a regular contributor to Live Action and LifeNews.  

  • Thursday, July 26
  • 7 – 8:30 pm
  • Conroe Central Library 104 I-45 North  Conroe, TX 77301