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Greetings Friends 4 Life!

I made an early arrival today, in hopes of catching Planned Parenthood workers as they came in.  No interaction though – they seemed to look right through me as they drove in.  Still, I think having vigil attendees there to greet them as they roll in to work is a good way to begin their day!

The first PP client was a teen with Mom & Dad.  They arrived about 20 minutes early and waited about 10 minutes; then left.  I tried to engage them to chat before they left, but they ignored my greeting waves and “Good Morning” attempts.  They were gone just a short time and returned by the 8:00 opening.  Two more clients arrived at opening time – one of them another teenager with her mom.

I noticed the reflection of a sheriff’s patrol car in PP’s window; parked right behind and facing me in the lot across Louetta.  I decided it should be a safe morning with my very own body guard keeping watch.  After about 40 minutes of watching me in prayer and waving to folks, I saw his reflection ease out into the Louetta traffic and drive away.

It really is a comfort when law enforcement observes our vigil stands, because they get first hand confirmation of our peaceful intent.   If there are reports filed, they surely reflect our presence as peaceful and non-confrontational.

Clients continued arriving to a fairly busy schedule this morning.  I estimate about 18-20 clients arrived during my watch, and about 12-15 is a typical Saturday morning by 9:30am.   Among this morning’s clients was a mama with her little boy and tiny baby.  They came when PP had a full house.  Watching God’s little “Messengers of Life” enter Planned Parenthood at that particular time left little doubt of His perfect timing!  Such an impact the happy little boy and beautiful baby must have had in that waiting room!

I was joined at vigil by four warriors from St Anne and by M— from Christ The Good Shepherd, and we were six wide for the first vigil watch today.  The heckler drove by again to holler at us and I couldn’t have been more proud of the prayer warriors here this morning!  No one flinched or gave that heckler the slightest reward of a reaction.  Nope. None, Nada, Zip, Zero!!!

Good news to share!  O— told me St Anne may have a group of volunteers to stand vigil at 10:30 after St Edwards leaves.  That would be awesome, and would cover Saturday morning from opening until nearly noon!  Wow, it is sooo exciting to see this growing army of God’s warriors for Life!!!!!!

God Bless!

Joe W.

About Our Weekly Prayer Vigil

MCRTL and other Pro-Lifers have maintained a steady prayer presence at the facility since it opened in April 2013 and we need more folks to participate. Prayer works!

MCRTL volunteer, Joe W., holds a sign every Saturday morning to let Planned Parenthood clients know about alternatives to PP. As PP clients come over to speak with our volunteers, they are provided with a Health Services List which provides information about local Pro-Life pregnancy centers, such as PACN, Birthright, Care Net, Blue Blossom and Tomball Pregnancy Center. Thus we are able to accomplish much both spiritually and naturally to minister to the women and young men.

If you plan to pray at Planned Parenthood, please download and take the Health Services List with you so that you have alternatives to offer. Click here to download the MCRTL Health Services List. Read more about guidelines for praying on the boulevard here.