Our faithful volunteer, Joyce Peterson, made some interesting observations while keeping vigil at Planned Parenthood this last Saturday.  As PP’s neighboring business owners elected to vacate the three nearest units rather than renew leases, each unit remained unoccupied for a matter of several months to well over  a year.  Only within the last several months has one of them become occupied.  Now it appears that preparations are  being made for another tenant to move into the largest of the spaces:

It looks like they leased the space vacated by the party supply store, as there is a large dumpster and port-a-can in the parking lot and other evidence of interior work.

Together in prayer today, were Trevor and his sisters as well as Claire and her teens.  We must have looked exceptionally stunning today as we had no fewer than two photographers capturing our awesomeness.  First a couple in a white sedan paused in front of Code Ninja and the passenger had her phone pointed in our direction.  A short time later a familiar looking young lady walked briskly around the corner from the Kroger side of the shopping center holding her phone up and in our direction. She walked past the storefronts including PP, turned the corner where MW cleaners vacated, then doubled back to the opposite corner, turned left and was out of my view.  All our vigil participants were bowed in prayer at the time as I normally would have been, but I was the hander out of gift bags so was keeping my attention on people.  I walked over to Claire to share my observation with her, adding that I thought the second photographer was a long time clinic worker who looked quite familiar, only without the white lab coat she normally wears.  Claire had seen her walk by in her pink shoes but not while she had her phone up.  (She is a short gal with short dark hair.  If you’ve spent any time standing in vigil there I’m sure you’ve seen her too.)  A while later, the same young lady pulled her car up to PP’s front door and entered their business.  It was her!

I don’t know what would prompt such behavior after all this time, but oh well.  Once again they caught 7 people in prayer; 5 remarkable Pro-Life teens, one mother, and one grandmother.  I do wonder if there may be a connection with the new tenant on the corner.”

Joyce’s post reminds us how important it is to represent our Heavenly Father well as we stand for Life.  You never know who may be watching or what they may be looking for.  May they always see Jesus!