This summer, Montgomery County Right to Life has been blessed to see a planted seed bearing fruit many miles from home! The beautiful “Every Life…Priceless!” billboard, born out of our very first billboard campaign, has taken on new life in Midland County, Michigan.

Crystal Prunier, Fair Booth Chairman of Right to Life of Midland County, took notice of the billboard when she saw an image of it online.  Crystal stated that of all the Pro-Life billboard images she viewed Every Life…Priceless was the best!  The 2017 billboard features three pictures that represent the continuum of Life that MCRTL passionately defends and protects; the preborn, the disabled, and the elderly.

The center image is especially endearing, a precious picture of Samantha Callan, daughter of local residents, Marty and Trudy Callan. The heartwarming photo of Samantha depicts the beauty and value of a child diagnosed with Down Syndrome.  Prunier, moved by both the images and the message, felt it perfectly represented the heart of Right to Life of Midland County. After contacting MCRTL for permission to use the image, she created a beautiful banner to incorporate into their booth displays at the Midland County Fair and other events.

The powerful impact this billboard had here in Montgomery County is now shared as far north as Midland County, Michigan! Though the battle against Life continues to be waged worldwide, it is an honor to join voices with warriors across our country to proclaim once again, “Every Life…Priceless!”