Y’ALL – Young Adult Life Link provides a platform for young adults in their 20s or 30s to play an increasing role in building the Culture of Life. National polls and the recent AP report show that millennials are the Pro-Life Generation! They are in fact leading our nation back toward Life. Through Y’ALL we want to harness their energy and speed up the movement! Lives are at stake. Michael and Genelle Coffey hosted the gathering September 24th at Café Marrese.

The fun started with a professional Trivia company hosting a team contest. Prizes included Bluetooth speakers, a Texans blanket and a $100 gift card. Attendees also had the opportunity to enjoy great food, make friendships with other Pro-Life young adults, and learn how they could get directly involved in protecting lives in our community.

Email us if you would like to receive a personal invitation to our next Y’ALL event and watch MCRTL’s Facebook for our next event announcement. See you there!