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Greetings Friends 4 Life,

I arrived at vigil about 7:40 this morning to an empty parking lot.   Shortly after setting up, I noticed PP escort R—- pull in.   As soon as he parked, R—-  got out of his car with a trash bag and pick up extender.   The grass strip had gotten very trashy from winds & rain, and R—- immediately dove right in to clean it up.    We had the same thoughts because I too brought a trash bag and joined him to clean it up together.   We had quite a friendly chat as we worked, talking about our plans for the upcoming July 4th holiday, etc.   The grass strip was cleaned up in no time and, too soon, we each had our post to attend.   R—- put his vest on to take his place at PP’s front door, and me to my place on the vigil strip to pray.

There were three clients waiting for PP open and two more by 8:00.    A young lady parked nearby.   She ignored me as she left her car to go inside, but I hoped that I might get her attention when she came back out.   Was not to be this time, though.   There were about 15-18 client visits this morning during my watch, which is about typical of what we’ve been seeing.

A sweet lady, M—, from Christ The Good Shepherd, stopped by to pray awhile.    I learned that she is from Peru, and a very delightful person.   She parked next to me and I advised her that she may be called out on parking there.   Sure enough R—- came over after a few minutes to advise her to leave.   She engaged him in conversation about Preborn rights as he argued for a woman’s right of choice.   They agreed to meet sometime after vigil to talk more, which I thought was pretty awesome.

Misunderstanding with Planned Parenthood Volunteer Cleared Up

R— took a pic of her car license, so she moved to Krogers.   After she drove away, he said he wouldn’t do anything with it – just a form of intimidation.

He said, “It’s the same thing you do, Joe, when you write down the license number of every client.” I said, “No, I don’t do that”, and he said, “Sure you do.  I see you doing it.”  When I’m jotting notes about the vigil experience he thinks I’m recording license numbers!   That opened a door!!!!

I let him read the vigil notes I had already recorded on my phone this morning and gave him an MCRTL brochure.   I suggested he go to our website to see the rest of what I’ve been tapping out on my phone.   I told R– that he would even find stories that include him. 🙂

R—-  said the Planned Parenthood people told him that I make comments on their Facebook site.   I assured him that is not true information, that I’ve never commented on their Facebook.   Actually, I have never even been there.

Volunteer has been Praying with us Privately!

Michelle came back to stand awhile longer after she parked her car.   She shared that she has been saying the rosary in her car from the parking lot on the other side of Louetta, and may begin joining us on the vigil strip now.   I wonder how many other quiet warriors are joining us in prayer within sight of 4747 Louetta that we aren’t aware of?

I hadn’t thought about others right there in prayer with us, but from a different overlook.

   It was like God’s affirmation that we are never alone!

Bill B— and son Michael relieved me at 9:30.   It was good to see Bill again, and so good to see him feeling much better. Bill thought it would probably be only he and Michael this morning due to the 4th of July holiday time off.   But by the time I left, there were five men of God standing out there in the heat of the sun, in prayer for the babies.   They are true heroes!!!

What a blessing it was to serve!  Joe W.


About Our Weekly Prayer Vigil

MCRTL and other Pro-Lifers have maintained a steady prayer presence at the facility since it opened in April 2013 and we need more folks to participate. Prayer works!
MCRTL volunteer, Joe W., holds a sign every Saturday morning to let Planned Parenthood clients know about alternatives to PP. As PP clients come over to speak with our volunteers, they are provided with a Health Services List which provides information about local Pro-Life pregnancy centers, such as PACN, Birthright, Care Net, Blue Blossom and Tomball Pregnancy Center. Thus we are able to accomplish much both spiritually and naturally to minister to the women and young men.If you plan to pray at Planned Parenthood, please download and take the Health Services List with you so that you have alternatives to offer. Click here to download the MCRTL Health Services List. Read more about guidelines for praying on the boulevard here.