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Greetings Friends 4 Life!

 Joyce and I were on the grass vigil strip at Louetta before Planned Parenthood opened for business.    There was a car already parked and waiting at the doorway when we got there.   Another car parked alongside the first shortly after our arrival, and I noticed a well dressed, kind faced lady get out of the second car to walk around to the passenger side of the first car with folders cradled in her arm.    

There was an exchange with the passenger of the first car that appeared to be pleasant, filled with smiles and friendliness from the lady with the folders.   After a few minutes of exchange, the lady holding the folders pulled out some papers to hand in to the passenger, then returned to her car and left the parking lot.   A few minutes later the first car started to back out of their parking spot.  

At this point, I was thinking the lady with the folders may have been a “parking lot counselor”, and had given the young couple who were waiting there information that caused them to change their mind about going inside.   However, a PP worker apparently caught their attention as they were leaving, because they drove back into their parking spot and went directly into the front entry door, which was quickly unlocked for them.   They were a young couple with a little boy.

There were at least fourteen client visits during our watch.    Among them were three couples; two of the couples each brought a little one with them.   Then there was one young man who came alone.   And there was a mom and her little daughter.


We had a good turnout of early prayer warriors, including John & Robbyn, Martha, Deborah joined us again bearing beautiful yellow roses for moms visiting PP, and we were joined by Ryan, who said this was his first ever vigil.   Ryan said he just felt called to come and help, and asked “What can I do?”. Joyce and Martha did an awesome job of explaining the purpose of our prayer vigils, and shared with him some of our experiences there.   By the time the rosary group assembled, there was a presence of at least twenty who came to pray. 

There was a mixed reaction to our vigil presence from the Louetta traffic, ranging from cheers to jeers, and the best news to share about that is that we were not ignored!    We were fulfilling the mission of 40 Days for Life, to draw community attention to the evils of abortion through peaceful prayer, fasting, and outreach.    Those who jeered just let us know how to pray for them.


I considered leaving this part from my notes, but since one of the main reasons I write is to share our experiences with those unable to attend, I decided to share this one too.    For me, most vigil experiences are spiritual and uplifting from being surrounded by the many combined prayers going up and from our purpose for being there.  

Some experiences are very moving when seeing the reaction of clients who approach us and discover that we have no agenda other than to offer prayer, kindness, and alternatives to abortion.  And there are some experiences when God brings us an unexpected moment of humor and laughter during our most serious vigils for His unborn innocents.    

We enjoyed one of those lighter moments Saturday morning when briefly visited by a furry little four legged guy with poor eyesight.   A field rodent, who somehow managed to dodge the busy area traffic, came ambling up behind us and announced his arrival by running into the back of Joyce’s foot.   He found his way around her and discovered the gift basket, which he gave a quick once over, and by then we had him made.   Although not appearing to be frightened of us (don’t think he could see us well enough to be scared), he was nevertheless a busy little fellow.    Not finding a quick meal with a bunch of fasting vigil folk, he passed on joining us in prayer and scurried his way across the parking lot diagonally away from us, clearly avoiding a stop at Planned Parenthood.

Thank you, Lord, for the privilege of serving You.   I am in awe that Your call is for the highest service imaginable – to stand for Life!

Joe profileBlessings,

Joe W.