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 I pray that your partnership with us in the faith may be effective in deepening your understanding

of every good thing we share for the sake of Christ. Philemon 1:6

Greetings Friends 4 Life,

What a blessed vigil morning at Louetta we had recently!   God was most generous in His rewards and affirmations as we stood for His unborn innocents.   Prayer partner Joyce shared the grass strip with me and was witness to His goodness.   The weather was perfect early in the day, with temp in low eighties, humidity was down, and we had a continuous light breeze.

There was a young man already there in his car waiting for opening, and by the 8:00 hour another client had arrived.  The third client arrival recognized us with a return wave of greeting and responded to our offer of a gift bag.   She crossed the parking lot to us to accept the gift bag, which Joyce explained included gifts and info about alternatives to Planned Parenthood.  


The young lady told us she was there only for non-abortion services and she has a two month old baby who she loves very much.   She thanked us and hurried back to her car where she gently retrieved her baby and entered P-P.   Once again we were blessed to see one of God’s precious messengers of Life go inside where others may be struggling with decisions about abortion.

At least ten clients visited Planned Parenthood during our watch, including three couples, two young men, and five young women.   It was interesting to observe one gal who came with her partner and two little girls.   She went inside while her family waited in their truck, then came back out later to get them.  

As with the two month old baby who was carried in earlier, this beautiful family was also a perfect picture of Life.    What powerful messages God sends through Planned Parenthood’s doors at Louetta!

A man who was banking next door drove next to us and said he just wanted to let us know how much he admired the continuous vigils in front of Planned Parenthood since the day they opened.   He commented about seeing folks there under all conditions, in the heat, the cold, and the rains.    The input from that man really blessed us with his affirmations.   We had many other “thumbs up” from passing traffic during our watch, and we knew God was there.

As we were about to pass the baton to our friends of the rosary group, we got our biggest reward of the morning.    The mom who earlier had accepted a gift bag from us came back across the parking lot carrying her baby son and introduced us to baby Phoenix.   God’s tiny Angel, who had just come from the midst of the clients inside Planned Parenthood.   Baby Phoenix was a glowing light of Life and irresistible love – and we got to see him up close and personal!    His mom shared that she had no idea how much of her attentions this precious baby would have, and how very much she loved him.   I told this sweet mom that I write about our vigils to share with others, and asked if I could write about her and Phoenix.   I asked if it would be okay to get a couple pictures of them and include them in our weekly blJoe profileog.   She was beaming and assured us it was okay.     God was so generous in His rewards today!

His many blessings to you all,

Joe W.