Greetings Friends,

I wanted to share a few pictures and a little interesting news about the Louetta PP location this morning.

Chilly Wet Day Still Gives Opportunity to Show Love

As you know, it was quite blustery, chilly, and rainy this early December morning but that didn’t deter the Planned Parenthood clients from keeping their appointments.  I was glad Joyce and I were called there as a presence to pray and stand as a reminder of the precious value of Life.  I counted about 15 visits to PP during our watch, which were spread throughout our time there.   Activity was low enough such that only one client parked nearby us due to one occasion of all parking taken in front.  Although the client who parked nearby smiled and waved to us, it was raining and cold so she scurried away and didn’t tarry to visit with us.


First Ever P.P. Volunteer Escort Warms Up to Vigil Attendees

This morning was the first time ever that I’ve seen a PP Volunteer escort at Louetta.  We wondered if all the recent news about Congressional findings of criminal activity by Planned Parenthood may have prompted them to put on extra security in the event those ‘nuts who stand out by the street praying in the rain’ might cause trouble???  We began the morning by waving to the Volunteer, and Joyce shouted out a hearty “Good Morning”.  He didn’t respond in kind, but we think he recognized early on that we weren’t there as rabble-rousers.


He  seemed like a really nice fellow.  We watched him step out from under the frontage overhang to provide umbrella shelter for a couple of the girls during downpours, and he went out of his way to help and shelter an older lady from her car to the bank next door. When the rosary group relief arrived, we waved to the Volunteer and Joyce blessed him. He smiled and waved back!   It’s amazing how God changes hearts through prayer!!!


Angels in Disguise Bring Hot Coffee!

We were about to turn blue from the wet chill after standing on the vigil strip about ninety minutes, and a young family of four who had parked near us to go in the bank came back out with two steaming cups of coffee for us.  I am certain they were Angels disguised as people!  🙂 🙂

The early deluge with all the flashing lightning & thunder, while I was getting ready to go, made me wonder such things as whether there is a difference between determination and stubbornness.  When I asked Joyce that question, as we waded the puddles getting to our post, she set me straight without hesitation.

Joe profile  Stubbornness is internal – faithful determination comes from God.

It was a most powerful blessing to answer God’s call this morning!

God’s blessings to all,

Joe W.