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By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:35

Dear Friends 4 Life,

Prayer partner Joyce joined me for another Saturday morning vigil at the Louetta Planned Parenthood today, and as we walked in from the parking area we speculated whether they would be closed for the Labor Day weekend.   As we approached the East side driveway, we encountered a car driven by a young lady turning in from Louetta.   We stopped.   The car stopped.   Standoff!   We took half a step simultaneous with the car moving forward again.   All stopped again.   By now the car was holding up traffic.   The young lady smiled and waved us forward, giving us the right-of-way.   

After our crossing, she proceeded through her turn and drove to the PP workers’ parking area.   She was a PP worker!    We so much appreciated her pleasant demeanor at our little encounter because loaded down with our signs, gift bags, and such there could have been no doubt that we were those prayer vigil people.   I think God is reaching the PP workers at Louetta.   It was an awesome way to begin our call to serve.

There was only one client waiting at PP’s door when we got to the grass strip, and a man who crossed the parking lot toward us.   As he approached I recognized him.    He had stopped to pray with me several months ago.  

 Scott lives in a nearby neighborhood and has seen the increased vigil activity these last few weeks.   He decided to join us again today, and was telling us of his plan to talk with his church pastor about bringing their youth to participate at vigil.   Isn’t it awesome how God works?!?!?


We were soon joined by another man, who approached with a fast, purposeful stride.   He was wearing work clothes with the appearance he had just left work.   He didn’t hesitate to visit, but went directly to a spot beside us facing PP, and dropped to his knees.   

We didn’t learn this man’s name because after 20-30 minutes on his knees he got up and left as quickly and purposefully as he arrived.   Turned out he walked back to the Jiffy Lube on the West side of us and went back to work.   I was so impressed with this, I sort of watched for him as he went in and out of the lube service area.  

 I noticed at one point that he was surrounded by his co-workers and he was telling them something.   I imagined it to be about his run over to join us at vigil.   I wonder if we will begin to see others join us from the immediate surrounding area.

Client activity at PP during our watch was very slow this morning, with turn out only at 5 or 6 clients by arrival of the 9:30 rosary group.   The last client we saw during our watch was a young lady who parked beside us with a sweet smile and the biggest hair I’ve seen in a long time  :-).    I have no doubt that God already had her heart!

Standing for Life as a voice for the unborn this morning was another blessing too magnificent to define.

Thanks so much for your always powerful prayers,

Joe W.