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Dear Friends 4 Life,

Joyce and I arrived at the Louetta Planned Parenthood before they opened, hopeful to find a “Closed For The Day” note on their door.   However, it wasn’t to be this morning.   There was no “Closed” note posted, and shortly after our arrival PP’s clients began pulling in to park.   The reason for our initial optimism was due to their appointment phone line being out of service the afternoon before.   I had called their appointment number Friday afternoon to inquire what they would say about their ability to perform mammogram services.  


Since there has been so much news media controversy regarding PP’s capability to do mammo’s, Abby Johnson is organizing a mass call in on 9-21-15 to ask PP about scheduling a mammo.  I decided to call them a couple days early to check out their response before they get buried in calls Monday, the 21st.   I got a recorded message saying they had a “system failure” and were unable to take appointment calls.   I got the same message with three call attempts, so that was a “YIPPEE” moment, and hopes they hadn’t been able to set up appointments for Saturday.   They apparently had already set up Saturday’s schedule before their system went down, because there were at least eleven client visits during our watch.

We were blessed with reinforcements on the vigil strip!   The first to join us was Rinske, a volunteer at PACN, who had come out to pray with us on the Louetta grass strip a previous time.   Rinske had barely taken her place beside us, when we looked up to see another angel approaching.   Our dear friend Carol had come to join us!   We were now an army of four for Life, and many more we’re still to come.   God’s prayer warriors would give presence and voice to the unborn innocents this day.P-P VIGIL 4-4-15-2

A young lady returning to her car after her PP appointment called out to us, asking if we had any info handouts.   Joyce immediately selected a pretty gift bag from the basket and took it to her, explaining that the bag contains a variety of health service and PAC contact info.   I remain convinced that God sends those who’s heart He touches and urges to accept the gift bag.

Two of His little messengers of Life went inside PP’s doorway while we were there.   The first was a tiny baby, taken inside by her parents, wrapped up and carried in her father’s arms.   The other precious messenger was a beautiful and lively little girl, who was her mom’s shadow as she followed around and from the car to PP’s door.   There is just no way that anyone inside, who may have had thoughts about abortion, would not have been touched by these little bundles of Life!

The rosary group assembled with some new faces, and clear evidence that vigil presence at the Louetta PP is growing.   Thanks to all at home and on the vigil strip for your powerful prayers for Life!


Joe W.