You may have considered taking part in a prayer vigil at our local Planned Parenthood, but have wondered why praying onsite is important and will it really make a difference? The answer is a resounding “yes“! Simply being present to, pray, inform, and encourage can change hearts and mind, as we see from this note from a prayer vigil participant:

My friend and I had such a meaningful day at vigil outside Planned Parenthood at Louetta! I got to talk to 3 ladies today and shared with them information on resources. They all were so glad to get the information. One woman said she came for just a well woman exam. She said Planned Parenthood wanted to charge her $100 so she was glad to know there were other choices that would be free or low cost. Another lady said she needed a STD exam. She went in to PP because she had made an appointment, but she came out quickly saying they didn’t care that she didn’t have insurance or a job and that nothing was “free” in there. PP told her the STD test would be $59.00. She too was thankful for information on alternatives.

Each woman was very receptive and allowed me to pray for them. I hope that all will go to the other choices and tell their friends. I pray that they all will somehow get closer to the Lord as well.


Summer presents a great opportunity to share this experience with your children! Taking the time to pray to our Heavenly Father on behalf of the unborn, their parents, and clinic workers is a great way to model the two greatest commandments to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself.  Being onsite will remind the young women that they are not alone and allow you to share our Health Service List which provides information for area crisis pregnancy centers as well as reduced cost general medical care.

If you have never participated in a prayer vigil at the Louetta Planned Parenthood, you can join MCRTL each Saturday from 8-9:30 am. Click here for more information and to see a schedule of vigil times for some other organizations.

Hope to see you there this summer!