Greetings Friends 4 Life,

Well folks, I had another opportunity to speak with Ronald, the new Planned Parenthood escort volunteer at Louetta.   I had just parked my truck and was walking to the vigil strip when I encountered Ronald in the parking lot.   He had just parked his own vehicle and was about to walk across the lot to the PP entrance when we met.

Apparently, God was wanting me to communicate some more with this man because our encounter timing couldn’t have been more perfect.   Ronald remembered Joyce’s and my names, which I was a little surprised at, but I was also glad we had made that much of an impression on him.

He expressed that he thought our ongoing prayer presence is intimidating to the girls and that we should stay home to pray, or pray at our church.   I told Ronald that we do pray at home and church, but we are here in person to pray publicly for protection of the unborn.   He said you do know abortions are not performed here, right?   Yes, I said, but they refer from here to centers that do abort babies.   Ronald had his jaw set and was not hearing, so I wished him a good day and hoped to talk again sometime.   It will be interesting to see if God opens that door some more.

When I got to the vigil strip I told Joyce about the discussion I had with Ronald, and she was elated!    Joyce said Ronald’s input is clear evidence that our presence in front of PP is making a difference!!

I don’t believe that Ronald’s charge of intimidation is accurate though – I would call it God touching their hearts.   They know God is there when we stand for the unborn, and His presence is about infinite love.   I think maybe the correct descriptor for what they are feeling is awakening awareness – not intimidation!   I share in Joyce’s gladness that these vigils are making a difference!   Thank you, Dear Lord!!!

John & Robbyn Fancher joined us at vigil and we had the beginnings of a prayer group, which grew to twelve of us with arrival of the faithful from St Edwards and Christ the Good Shepherd.   We rejoiced that it was a relatively slow morning when we turned our post over to our relief prayer warriors.   There were only a half dozen PP customers by 9:00am and maybe four more by our relief at 9:30am.   Slow day!

It was truly an honor to serve!


Joe W.