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Greetings Friends 4 Life,

Our 4747 Louetta Road vigil experience this morning was different than most. Joyce and I arrived to find Planned Parenthood was closed due to the Gulf Coast visit from Hurricane Harvey. Their sign in the door advised they had closed at 1:00pm on Friday and will remain closed at least until Monday of next week, which was good to see.

Any time PP’s door is locked is an answer to prayer! And we weren’t certain our Louetta vigil this morning would be possible because of the hurricane.

First order of the day was to check weather status, and it appeared the rain bands leading the storm with flash flood watches, was the most to be expected getting to our vigil post. God was holding the door open to His call!

I had packed gift bags and Pro-Life handouts in a watertight clear plastic tote the night before, and gathered up an armload of umbrellas in the event we had visitors join us who were not so well equipped. We began our watch in the midst of a steady rain that turned into quite a downpour with wind gusts blowing the rain sideways, but there were also periods of light sprinkles and nearly visible breaks in the fast moving cloud cover. Joyce and I both came prepared wearing hooded rain suits, so we were set and ready to be used by God to share His message of Life!

It wasn’t long until we knew for sure that our presence out there on the grass strip was recognized. It was during one of those downpours when a man began shouting at us from the corner across the parking lot (while he stood beneath the cover of the building canopy). The sight of us praying in the rain obviously stirred the guy’s anger to a level of need to express himself loudly and crudely, but neither Joyce nor I could make any sense of the words he was stringing together. He also didn’t show any interest in stepping out into the rain and walking across the lot to converse. After a few minutes of shouting his unintelligible mix of vulgarity he left – or so we thought.

A couple minutes later, he came driving up to park along side us and continue his venting. Since he wasn’t asking us questions in understandable language, he got no verbal response from us. Being unable to provoke us, he finally drove away – still shouting. Joyce and I decided there may be some wisdom in being prepared to record an accosting like that, in order to have evidence of actual happenings – should something like that turn into legal accusations at some point in the future.

A young couple drove into the parking lot a little later, checking to see if PP was open. Finding it closed, they backed up toward us rather rapidly, then the young lady turned her window down to shout her disapproval at us on their way out. Then a little later, after getting shouted at from the passing traffic behind us, Joyce and I were beginning to wonder if the hurricane had folks acting out their bad behavior.

Will, one of the vigil leaders from St Edwards, joined for our usual 9:30 relief and discussed with us the behaviors we witnessed today. We mutually came to the conclusion that God was using our presence today in a powerful way, and it was driving Satan bananas! As Joyce reassuringly says “God will never call us to do His work and then abandon us there”. Today was clear evidence of that!

Joe Wiegand

As always, it was my humble honor and privilege to serve.


Joe W.