Greetings Friends,

Another first!!

For the first time in five years, there were prayer warriors already in front of Louetta Planned Parenthood when I got there…and I arrived a little earlier than usual Saturday morning, just before 7:30! It was a great surprise and such a blessing to see folks already there and in prayer. I learned they were from St Simon & Jude and had started their watch at 7:00. Two more prayer warriors from St. Anne joined vigil at 8:30. Ever faithful to their call, Marilyn and Bill from St Edwards arrived at their usual time (even though it was raining in buckets) to join vigil.

We are covered in rain, they are covered in prayer!

There were about 14 Planned Parenthood clients between 8:00 opening and 9:45, which is about an average number for the first 90 minutes or so on Saturday mornings.

It began to rain at 8:50, and grew in intensity for about an hour before tapering off. It rained so heavily the ditch in the grass esplanade filled behind us. I was pretty much soaked to the skin even with the umbrella and was squishing water from my shoes when I walked back to my truck.

We are blessed by neighbors

Visitors Scott & Jennifer joined us in the pouring down rain. They live in the Louetta neighborhood and see us out there all the time. They drove by and saw me standing alone out in the rain before Marilyn & Bill from St Edwards arrived, and they went home to get their umbrellas and packed lunches & drinks to hand out on the grass strip.   You can see in the video that my lunch bag is pretty much soaked from the rain, but I ate it anyway on my drive home from vigil. It was a delicious hot dog, chips and an apple. I was touched and so blessed by the gracious act of kindness by Scott & Jennifer, and was moved by their decision to join us in prayer in the midst of a rain so heavy most other folks were running for cover.  They came back to join us because God put it on their hearts to step up and He wouldn’t let it be otherwise. 

I am excited about the interest in this 40 Days campaign, and wowed by the determination of those who will stand as a voice for the babies no matter what!

Many Blessings!
Joe W.