Happy New Year to my Friends 4 Life!

It was good to again find Planned Parenthood closed for a long weekend, not to open until Tuesday, January 3rd of next year. They apparently did a good job of announcing their closure because I saw only one potential walk-in client drive up to find them closed.

Planned Parenthood Closed for New Years 1

It was a quiet morning at Louetta this New Year’s Eve, even for drive through and neighboring bank traffic. There were a few friendly greetings from passersby, and a few not so friendly. Most were encouraging though, with friendly smiles, thumbs up, and wishes of God’s blessings.Planned Parenthood Closed for New Years 2
It was a very wet morning, with rain throughout my vigil time, but that did not deter our friends from St. Edward and Christ the Good Shepherd from taking their stand for Life. They showed up to relieve me right on time at their usual 9:30 schedule. God bless them for their commitment to His call!

May the New Year be filled with God’s power and love as hearts are changed from the evil of destruction to the good of Life!!!

Joe W.