Check out this great scholarship opportunity from Texas Right to Life for students entering graduate school!

From Veronica Arnold:

Do you know a Pro-Life student studying to be a doctor, lawyer, or physician assistant at a graduate school in Texas who also has a desire to build a Culture of Life?  Do they need tools to combat a biased administration or faculty on campus?


The Dr. Joseph Witherspoon Pro-Life Law Student Scholarship, the Dr. Edward Hannigan Pro-Life Medical Student Scholarship, and the new Physician Assistant Pro-Life Student Scholarship* provide Pro-Life graduate students with training and tools honed to their unique fields of study.

The program, which awards students with $1,000 per semester, helps students cultivate a Pro-Life culture on graduate school campuses across Texas.  Students will hosting Pro-Life ethics speakers on issues such as law, medicine, and social justice, and encourage service opportunities for pregnancy centers, maternity homes, and more.

Texas Right to Life is now accepting applications for graduate law, medical, and PA students who are currently or will be enrolled in school for the fall semester of 2017.  Further details, requirements, and the application can be found here.

The application deadline is May 31, 2017.  We look forward to reading applications!

*The Physician Assistant Pro-Life Student Scholarship is currently offered to students enrolled in classes only at the University of North Texas Health Science Center, provided by a generous UNT alum.  If you know a PA student at another university who wants to join our program, please donate and help TRTL to expand this opportunity for other PA students!

Veronica Arnold
Texas Right to Life
Education Director

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