MCRTL’s Pro-Life scholarship program is expanding to the Lone Star College – Tomball campus! Abigail Bumsted and Levi Robison have been named as two of MCRTL’s Dr. Joseph Graham Pro-Life Scholarship recipients for the 2017-18 school term and will be our 1st Pro-Life Fellows on the Tomball campus.

Abigail and Levi will be able to bring a strong message of Life to the LSC – Tomball campus and launch a new Pro-Life club.  MCRTL will also have two returning Pro-Life Fellows at the LSC – Montgomery campus, Rachael Sutton and Aleyah Lyles. We are thrilled to be able to expand the scholarship program to a 2nd campus while continuing the great Pro-Life work at the Montgomery campus!

Merit Marshall, Rachael Sutton, and Aleyah Lyles

Merit Marshall, Rachael Sutton, and Aleyah Lyles

Rachael and Aleyah, pictured above with MCRTL’s other 2016-17 Pro-Life Fellow, Merit Marshall, are working even during the summer recess to put in place great plans for the upcoming school term at Lone Star – Montgomery.

Abigail Bumstead


Abigail has already been involved in a number of MCRTL Pro-Life activities and is excited to start the 1st Pro-Life club on the Tomball campus with Levi Robison’s assistance. 
“Life is a gift. I am so thankful that with this portion of my gift, I get to join in the fight for something so precious to the heart of the Lord. My prayer is that we not be driven by passion, but by an overwhelming love as we reach out to the student body at Lone Star – Tomball.”   ~Abigail

Levi Robison

Levi plans to attend medical school and is thrilled to be able to help Abigail start the new Pro-Life club at LSC – Tomball. Levi comes from a very Pro-Life family.  In fact, his parents will be speaking at our June Monthly Meeting regarding their journey of adopting embryos frozen from IVF treatments.  So Pro-Life issues are very important to Levi!

“How are people going to hear about Pro-Life values or God’s word unless we share it with them? I want to start a club at Lone Star – Tomball to do just that.”

If you are interested in connecting with Lone Star Right to Life,  please message them through the club’s Facebook page, Lone Star Right to Life.

If you would like to help sponsor Pro-Life Fellows on the Lone Star College campuses, you can donate here. Thank you for your help!

About the Dr. Joesph Graham Pro-Life Fellowship Program
In 2008  Texas Right to Life established the Dr. Joseph Graham Pro-life Fellowship program in order to educate and train the next generation of Pro-Life leaders.   Pro-Life college leaders can earn up to $8000 ($2000 per year) throughout their undergraduate collegiate career while promoting a Culture of Life on campus.

In 2013 Montgomery County Right to Life became the first TRTL chapter to sponsor a Dr. Joseph Graham Pro-life Fellow.   Also, MCRTL initiated the program on the Junior College level.  Texas Right to Life’s Fellows are approved for four year college campuses.  MCRTL’s vision is to sponsor Dr. Joseph Graham Pro-life Fellows on each of our area Lone Star College campuses.  We are well on our way!

Lone Star is an integral part of our community – impacting not only college-age students but also high school students taking dual credit classes. By supporting the efforts of these Pro-Life leaders we are helping build a commitment to life among our youth and our larger community as well. More information about our fellows and the Dr. Joseph Graham Pro-life Fellowship is available at here.


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