Many of us find ourselves  compelled to turn our eyes and the eyes of our children away from questionable billboards. What a refreshing sight it is to see a positive, uplifting message which reminds us of the good that surrounds us.

The sanctity of Life is at war with a culture of death. In these times, we need to make opportunities to affirm and celebrate Life.   That was our goal when we launched our first billboard campaign, “Every Life…Priceless”.

In January of 2017 we saw our beautiful Life-affirming message erected on SH105 by Lake Conroe and then a second board commissioned on FM 1488 near FM 2978.  The billboards grabbed the attention of our community and both our website visits and Facebook views spiked upward.

By the conclusion of 2017 it was time to remove the billboards as we were told that “message fatigue” sets in after a year.  We mothballed the image and began preparing for new messaging.

But God had other ideas for “Every Life…Priceless.”  Right to Life of Midland County in Michigan found our image online.  Of all the Pro-Life billboards they had viewed they felt our message celebrating all life was just what they wanted to communicate.  They asked to use our image and we wholeheartedly agreed – thankful for the opportunity to join hands with advocates across the nation!

Then when a supporter donated billboard space in the heart of Conroe, “Every Life…Priceless” again began speaking to our community at a new location in January of 2019.   This board is smaller and required a revised image but the message remains as clear. 




Our vision is to reach people with clear, loving messages which will spark conversations among friends and family.  This is just one way MCRTL hopes to change hearts and minds at the grassroots level.

Because we want to reach as wide an audience as possible, our next messaging campaign will be social-media driven with some billboard support.  We are excited about this new launch which is now in the final stages.  Stay posted!