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“A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12.  There is strength in unity – brown, black, white – and every other shade between working together to end our nation’s disrespect for life!

With this in mind MCRTL partnered with The Way, Truth and Life Outreach – Waller Pregnancy Center on February 3 to host a very special event.  Speak Life Tea was focused on the effect of abortion on the minority community.

There was a special emphasis on the black community, which although they comprise 13.3% of the population make up 35% of the abortions according to the Center for Disease Control.  Janet Lemelle, founder of Waller Pregnancy Center, was lead host.  Invitations were sent to minority women ministry leaders and their daughters.

Session topics included discussions on eugenics/genocide of abortion, health repercussions, how to talk about the value of life and abortion honestly and lovingly, tangible ways to get involved in the Pro-Life movement, “Daddy’s Part”, restoration, and discussion time.

The event was beyond all that we had hoped for!  Around 65 women attended including about 10 millennial age young women.  The event was multi-racial and multi-generational.  The crowd was very attentive to the speakers; there was good interaction at the tables during break-time and during the discussion session; and attendees came to the MCRTL information booth at the conclusion of the event.

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Strong partnerships were formed at Speak Life Tea

We believe lasting partnerships and results will come from this gathering!  In fact, we have already had our first follow-up activity.  About a dozen attendees from the Tea met to pray together outside the Planned Parenthood – Spring on March 23 as part of MCRTL’s spring 40 Days for Life vigil.  MCRTL is the local sponsor of the 40 Days vigils at that location.

Speak Life Tea

Thank you for your partnership in making events like this happen. Together we will see our nation return to one which values and protects each life from conception until natural death!


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