Poster Art Contest

Watch the following promotional video featuring one of the contest winners.

A person’s a person, no matter how small.” Dr. Seuss

And every voice for Life, no matter how small, is important as well!


MCRTL welcomes area students to express their support for the beauty of every human life through our Poster Art Contest. The contest provides another opportunity for parents, teachers, and pastors to initiate a conversation on the essential question of the value of Life. Students as young as 2nd grade who are residents of Montgomery, Harris, Grimes, Walker, Liberty, Waller, San Jacinto, or Fort Bend counties have the chance to think about Life and express their beliefs through art.

Prizes awarded to each grade level winner as follows:

2nd-grade winner –   $ 50
3rd-grade winner –    $ 50
4th-grade winner –    $ 50
5th-grade winner –    $100
6th-grade winner –    $100

  • Poster may be up to 22″ x 28″ in size.  Email a photo of your poster art.  See contest rules.
  • Artwork must be original work by the student. No collaborative work.  No photocopies or use of copyrighted material is permitted.
  • Use any type of medium, one or many.
  • Support the theme that every human life is beautiful.  This can include born or unborn.
Colored Pencils

Please print and share our 2019-20 flyer!

Contest Rules and Registration

2018 Poster Contest Winners

The 2018-19 school term Poster Contest concluded on November 2, 2018.  Please see the winning submissions below and please plan to participate this fall in the 2019-20 contest.

Please click on the names below to see the posters up close.

2nd Grade:  Camilla Wenske

3rd Grade:   Holton Weatherly

4th Grade:   Liberty Day

5th Grade:   Evan Petsch

6th Grade:   Emily Beier

2017 Poster Contest Winners

Please click the student’s name to view the individual poster for our 2017 winners.

2nd Grade:  Kaimen Skinner

3rd Grade:  Liberty Day

4th Grade:  Evan Petsch

5th Grade:  Andi Evrard

6th Grade:  Corinne McLeod

2016 Poster Contest Winners

Congratulations to our 2016 Poster Contest Winners!

2nd Grade:  Mary-Anna McFarland

3rd Grade:   Evan Petsch

4th Grade:   Peighton Jones

5th Grade:   Elizabeth McFarland

6th Grade:   Sophie Stockton

Click here to see each poster up close.

2015 Poster Contest Winners

Click here to see each winner’s poster up close.

Evan Petsch – 2nd Grade
Nicole Straub – 3rd Grade
Addy De Dominicis – 4th Grade
Corban Hatch – 5th Grade
Mary-Jean Morrissette – 6th Grade

2014 Poster Contest Winners

Students’ art spoke powerfully through MCRTL’s Poster Contest. This year MCRTL held its first ever pro-life Poster Contest.  The students did a great job! A group of Conroe artists served as our judges.  Many thanks to them!    To view the winning posters please click the student’s name.  We thank all the students, parents, teachers and pastors who participated!

Reese Stockton – 2nd Grade

Carter Morrissette – 3rd Gradea

Sophia Stockton – 4th grade

Emilie Carlson – 5th Grade

Leah Day – 6th Grade