Oratory Contest

Watch the following promotional video featuring one of the contest winners.

2018-19 Pro-Life Oratory Contestants

As part of the National Right to Life Oratory Contest, MCRTL sponsors the beginning level local contest each year.

Since 2007, MCRTL has used the Oratory Contest as a tool to train and equip participants with a loving and ready answer for why life is valuable and why each of us should work to protect life!  High school juniors and seniors are eligible to compete. Contestants research, write and present a 5-7 minute Pro-Life speech on abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, or stem cell research.

First prize is $1000
Second prize is $500
Third prize is $250

Montgomery County Right to Life has had great success with this event.  The Oratory Contest is truly an opportunity for us to help train and give voice to the next generation of Pro-Life leaders!

Please encourage your family members to participate and pass the contest information on to the leadership at your church.  As the students contemplate and express their Pro-Life beliefs they are all changed, strengthened and better equipped to share God’s truth with others!

See contest flyer and contest rules below for online registration deadline, contest date, and location

Congratulation to our 2019 Oratory Contest Participants
Lily Cole Wins 1st Place!

On February 23, ten area high school students gathered to compete in our 2019 Oratory Contest at Conroe Bible Church. Though the scores were close, Lily Cole took first place!

Our judges panel included Larry Foerster (Chair of the Montgomery County Historical Commission), Judge Kristin Bays of the 284th District Court, Jody Czajkoski, Conroe city councilman, business owner, and founder of FaithFest, Mickie Roland, owner of B & W Pawn and long-time Pro-Life advocate, and Ben Lichnovsky, former Oratory Contest participant.

Congratulations to our winners and all our contest participants!

1st Place – Lily Cole

2nd Place – Christian Castro

3rd Place – Hannah Maniscola

Congratulations to our 2018 Oratory Contest Participants
Chase Cartwright Wins 1st Place!

Congratulations to our 2018 Oratory Contest Participants ~ Chase Cartwright Wins 1st Place!

The 2018 Oratory Contest was held February 24 at Conroe Bible Church.  Chase Cartwright was our winner!

Larry Foerster (Chair of the Montgomery County Historical Commission), Mark Cole (Montgomery County Hospital District Vice-chair and POSITION 1 AT-LARGE board member), Judge Jennifer Robin ( 410th District Court), Judge Kathleen Hamilton (359th District Court), and Aleyah Lyles, (2016 MCRTL Oratory Contest winner) served as the contest judges. Aleyah was also as one of MCRTL’s Dr. Joseph Graham Pro-Life scholarship recipients and served as vice-president of Lone Star Pro-Life club on the LSC – Montgomery campus.

Congratulations to our winners and all our contest participants!

1st Place – Chase Cartwright

2nd Place – JeanMarie Kmetz

3rd Place – Julia Lewis & Megan McDonough

Congratulations to our 2017 Oratory Contest Participants
Matthew Cole Wins 1st Place!

MCRTL uses the Oratory Contest as a tool to train and equip participants with a loving and ready answer as to why life is valuable and each of us should work to protect it!

Community leaders Stephanne Davenport (County Treasurer), Judge Claudia Laird (County Court at Law Number Two), Pastor Jay Gross ( West Conroe Baptist Church), JD Lambright (County Attorney), Constable Ryan Gable (Precinct 3), and Sean Brenon (2015 MCRTL Video Contest Winner and past Oratory Contest participant) served as this year’s contest judges.

L-R( 2nd) JeanMarie Kmetz and Kayla Auza, Dr. Morrison, (1st)Matthew Cole, and (3rd) Jack Stockton

The speeches were again very inspiring and it was difficult to choose the winners, so much so that the decision was made to award two Second Place winners. This is the first time that has happened. Also, an audience member was so moved by the speeches that they came forward and donated $800 so that every contest participant was rewarded with at least a $100 check. What a blessing!

This year’s winners are:

Matthew Cole – First Place
Kayla Auza – Second Place
JeanMarie Kmetz – Second Place
Jack Stockton – Third Place

Matthew Cole with mom, Shona and sister, Lily

Below is Matthew sharing his winning speech at a former Dinner for Life banquet.

Matthew Cole

2016 Oratory Contest Winners
Aleyah Lyles Wins 1st Place

1st Place – Aleyah Lyles
2nd Place – Matthew Cole
3rd Place – Garrett Gardner

2015 Oratory Contest
Caleb Lowry Wins 1st Place!

MCRTL contest winners were:

1st place:  Caleb Lowry
2nd place:  Christina Seberino
3rd place:  Luke VanNorman
Honorable Mention: Meagan Brenon

Seated L to R: Erika Michelson, Meagan Brenon, Caleb Lowry, Luke VanNorman, Noah Woelfel, Zane Nixon, Chrissy Seberino. (Not pictured: Courtney Gardner)

2014 Oratory Contest
Cassidy Lichnovsky wins 1st Place!

2014 Oratory Contest Winners

1st Place Winner – Cassidy Lichnovsky
2nd Place Winner – Chad Golden
3rd Place Winner – Madison McQuary