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Congratulations to the winners of our 2018 Poster Contest!

The contest was an opportunity for parents, teachers and pastors to initiate conversation on the essential question of the value of life.  Students from 2nd grade through 6th grade had the chance to think about the beauty of life and express that through art.  They did a great job! 

A talented group of artists from the Conroe Art League served as our judges.  Many thanks to each of them!

Below are the winning entries.  Congratulations to all the students, parents, teachers and pastors who participated in this important training tool!

2nd Grade:  Kaimen Skinner

3rd Grade:  Liberty Day

4th Grade:   Evan Petsch

5th Grade:  Andi Evrard

6th Grade:   Corinne McLeod


Kaimen Skinner – 2nd Grade

Liberty Day – 3rd Grade

Evan Petsch – 4th Grade


Andi Evrard – 5th Grade

Corinne McLeod – 6th Grade


Montgomery County Right to Life Pro-Life Essay Contest
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