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Greetings Friends 4 Life!

Last Saturday morning’s prayer vigil was another terrific turnout of attendance at Louetta.   Participation for 40 Days for Life, combined with the call for National Prayer Day at Planned Parenthoods across the nation, resulted in attendance by about one hundred pro-life warriors at the Louetta vigil strip in Spring, Tx.   Our MCRTL team included early arrivals of Lynne, Joyce, Carol, John & Robyn, and Joe W.   


Then we were joined by Angela, who did another fantastic job of rallying
folks to come out and take a stand for Life.    Angela came prepared with plenty of signs and in short order, folks were lining the grass strip with those signs from driveway to driveway.  

After the rosary group from St. Edwards and Christ The Good Shepherd assembled, there was a point at which a harmony of God’s people were bringing attention to Planned Parenthood through an awesome blend of group rosary, individual praying, couples praying, and the rest were visually bringing attention to the Louetta traffic by waving signs that could not be ignored.

The Louetta Road community was seeing firsthand what they may not catch on the nightly news.   God is steadily building His army of defenders of Life through prayer and a peaceful, loving growing presence to speak for His unborn innocents!


Planned Parenthood client activity was up, with a count of at least a dozen visitors within the first hour.   One of those visitors walked over to us to ask what we were doing.   She was open, friendly, and asked lots of questions.   She seemed very receptive to the answers we provided and appeared genuinely interested in what we had to say about our opposition to abortion.   We offered a gift bag and explained about the various medical service options that are available in the surrounding area.   

Precious feet

She declined the gift bag, but accepted a beautiful gold plated baby feet pin and seemed amazed that the feet are replicas of a baby at 10 weeks age, and at that time already has fingerprints.   She went away with a new understanding and, hopefully, prayerfully, a heart for Life.

Joe profileGod’s call to take a stand for Life is a privilege and blessing that is truly incredible!


Joe W.